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One too many compromises have put me in a downward spiral

Downward spiral

Is this your story?


“I’ve been in practice for just a handful of years. The frustration is mounting and the joy of practice is fading. It seems like I work harder, with longer hours, and the debt and patient excuses never end. I do less and less Chiropractic and more therapies as they pay more than the adjustment. If one more person asks if I got my Covid shot, I’m going to scream. I feel ashamed I have to lie and say I have when I haven’t, even though my husband and kids have. I feel overwhelmed and outnumbered. I sure didn’t go through all the time, effort, and expense of becoming a Chiropractor just to pay bills. I’ve even begun to question why I even went into Chiropractic. I thought it would be much different! Was it worth it? I’m even beginning to doubt the worth and the value of a Chiropractic adjustment.” 

 It starts with what ostensibly seems to be no big deal: “Will you fill out a request by my insurance company for more info? I need it so I can be reimbursed for being sick.” “Will you write a note so I don’t have to wear a mask? It will only take you a few minutes.”

Your spouse asks you to pick up the dry cleaning even though you work a heck of a lot more hours and he works from home in his pajamas.

Your spouse is barking at you because you’re never around and the kids miss you when you’re at the office working all those hours. And your spouse is worried about the social tracing implications.

Your non-DC spouse wants you to start wearing a mask at home to protect him and the kids. He says the kids think it’s a good idea. I wonder if the pediatrician asks the kids if they think a vaccine is a good idea before giving it to them.

After a while, it becomes apparent that you have been making compromises for years and the consequences are catching up with you. Why is it that everyone else’s needs are fulfilled at your expense?

What about your needs and your purpose and passion?

 There is such tremendous inertia to be a people pleaser and a fence mender, especially today in the plandemic fundamentalism where there should be no differing thought and the mob mentality rules. Give to get along; go with the flow, don’t rock the boat.

My grandfather used to say to me when a person doesn’t stand for anything, they are good for nothing and will fall for everything.

Stay in your lane, stop compromising on health issues to be accepted by disease advocates who are not going to change their minds.    

 If there was ever a time to step up for Chiropractic, it’s now!