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“Strength from what we know”

 “I keep staring into the mirror over and over again since my Head-to-Head with Dr. Kevin that dealt with my past and the walls I had created. I now know these walls have imprisoned me and the ones I care about most. I wasn’t accepting my fate but was living it nonetheless with an occasional glimpse of what I could be before it would fade away. I kept looking for that burning desire that would fill my soul with true happiness but it was ever elusive, always just out of reach. Now, with Dr. Kevin’s guidance, I am able to see these walls and I am working to remove them.”

 Because we face so many distractions in our society it is easy to be seduced away from our strength of what we know to be true to the ever-pressing need for something new. Something new does not always mean forward progress, betterment, or evolution. Oftentimes, what is new distracts us from what we know and moves us backward.

There are so many interpretations of Chiropractic today. This is a choice all Chiropractors make in their offices and I’m not here to say certain ones are right or wrong. The most popular and convenient are the ones where you buy something and don’t have to develop skill levels, etc. For some, you develop sales skills or marketing.

With these, pain is the focus, not health.

 Pain relief is very important; however, it’s only a small part of health. When did health ever go out of style? When did learning ever go out of style? When did fitness go out of style?

Health is so much more than mere pain relief. It is how all people adapt to their environment and worlds, regardless of their awareness of it or not.

The power that made the body is the power of perfection.

It is not limited to healing. It is growth, renewal, adaptation, consciousness, need I go on?

While the world searches for the next outside in solution, as Chiropractors, we have strength in what we know to be true.

With all of the diseases of the past and present, even the man-made ones we are experiencing today, there was and is a power that has the answers.

 Stop attempting to figure out practice members’ issues with your frontal lobes by constantly limiting and arguing about what this power can and cannot do.

This power made your frontal lobes, not the other way around.

Remove the interference and let this power do what it does best.

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