Profiles in Courage

Letting go of things that no longer serve us

Let it go

Does this sound like you?

What an honor and privilege it was to spend a couple of days with you!  I’m having difficulty finding the right words for the experience.  I feel like a completely different person.  Almost as if my life has been metaphorically saved.  The beneficiaries of which not only include me, but also my wife, future child, practice members, and humanity in general!  I feel you showed me who I truly am in this world and how to share it with all I come into contact with.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me!!

 We have all experienced the need to let things go that no longer serve us, in our practices as well as our lives, and one thing we know for sure, it’s not easy.  Like quitting smoking, losing weight, etc you know what you should do, but doing it remains elusive.

The change is always accompanied by a cost.  An exit fee if you will.  When you give anything up that at one point guided or served you, it feels like you lose a part of yourself.

 It can feel like you’ve lost your way.

You will also have to ‘face up’ to your newfound beliefs and behaviors to people who have the ‘old expectations and behaviors of you firmly in place.

This is where the rubber hits the road.

Most just won’t let it go unless they hit rock bottom or step on a landmine.  Others just won’t pay the ‘exit fee’ for having a choice in their lives instead of letting others control them with their expectations and opinions of what a DC should be.

With the current plandemic still in play, it has exposed the need of all DCs to step up and not become part of the problem, rather be a part of the solution.

The solution before, during, and after the mass hysteria is health, not the never-ending pursuit and fascination of disease.

We have a mantra in TNR; Chiropractic, health for life.

Let go of the need to play small and practice the same way you did pre-Covid.

There is a whole new world that awaits you!

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