We always get asked why our coaching program is different, or better, or should be picked over other coaching and practice management programs out there.  Let me tell you, there are a lot to choose from!  It’s hard to come up with an answer in words.  Why should we have to prove to you that we’re worth it?  You know what, we don’t.  We’re not auditioning for anybody.  Those DC’s who want a purpose-filled and passionate life will find us.  They’ll hear the message and come running our way.  Either you love seeing children and having a wellness-based office, or you don’t.  And we are not pointing fingers and we do not think you suck if you don’t.  We are all unique, and we have to find a place to belong.

If you belong with us, then jump on board.  Stop waiting for your income to increase…for the time to be right…for this…for that…it won’t ever happen.

Our members (and many of our discontinued members, for that matter) are incredible.  They are the reason we do what we do.  Let me take a second to brag about a few of our Illinois DC’s that are helping us put on our first ever Love Has No Color Fundraising Party.  Holy crap are these DC’s working their tails off to get people there!  They don’t have to be a part of this, whatsoever.  Yet they are, and they put 150% into everything.  They’re busy, successful, DC’s with families and lives to tend to…but they still find a way to give back and do what’s important.  It’s just incredible and we are so so proud to have them in our lives.  What goes around, comes around…and boy do these givers have some huge things coming their way!!  People like them make us proud.

They belong in TNR.  They have a support system that money can’t buy, and politics can’t tear down.  TNR is not just a Chiropractic coaching group, TNR is about family, and doing whatever it takes.  You don’t have to be from IL to join the movement.  Join us, and let’s get down to the business of telling Chiropractic’s story.  No more closing our mouths and letting society tell us what to make of our profession.

Have a great weekend, and please just remember that we’re here with open arms when you’re ready to make a change.