Since when is talking about your technique a bad thing?

We understand that you’re proud of your technique. You’ve worked really hard to master it. The countless hours at seminars and getting all of the certifications have really paid off. Maybe you even find yourself constantly talking to your practice members about it but do you think they really care? The simple answer is no…they don’t.

What patients really care about is the relationship of trust. This sacred relationship is the most important thing you establish. When you create this relationship, hope is restored. No to mention, your clinical results go through the roof, there is less resistance to recommendations, fees, and referrals.

Now, the technique is an important factor, the same as being clinically competent. However, the most important thing you can do in your office is to establish the relationship of trust.

Let’s step away from Chiropractic for a moment, pretend you’re a surgeon. Do you think it would matter to your patient if the scalpel was stainless steel, aluminum, or a laser? The answer is probably not. They just would want to know someone they trust is behind it and getting great results.

If you were a fitness trainer, do you think your clients care how their results are achieved? No. They just want to be able to put their trust into you and have you lead them on a fitness journey that’s going to produce, you guessed it, RESULTS!

You have to tune in to the person and the story that comes with them. It’s not just knee pain; it’s not being able to play tennis with their daughter. It’s more than just back pain; the parent can’t lift and hold their kids anymore.

Be proud of your technique, but don’t put the cart before the horse. Create relationships of trust and then you’ll have the opportunity to use your great technique to its full extent. A hand full of visits doesn’t help anyone. The failure to create the relationship first will lead people to drop out of care. They’ll never get to see and feel the full benefits of Chiropractic.

If it’s time to start your journey and learn how to create these relationships of trust, click here to set up a FREE consultation. It’s the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season! Start 2020 off on a positive note and help as many people you can with Chiropractic care.