Stop with the pay-per-visit!

The absence of commitment in Chiropractic offices is at an all-time high. Allowing people to regulate their care only encourages them to come in for a few visits. It’s decimating Chiropractic offices across the country. Part of your job as a DC is to be a leader. This means not allowing practice members to dictate their recommendations. They can choose to participate or not, but they don’t have a say in their recommendations.

It takes open-mindedness to know the way you are doing things is affecting clinical results as well as economics. It takes honesty to admit your way is not working. And it takes willingness, not understanding, to use something before you are guaranteed of it working.

There’s a famous chain of gyms that says, “No money down, zero commitment and for $10 a month you can work out as many times each week as you want!” Guess what…you don’t get in shape.

Health is way more important than any material possessions and yet, because of our desperation, we allow practice members to tell us the way it’s going to be.

Take back control of your office immediately. Switch to pre-pay, monthly, or worst case weekly, but not pay as you go. You’ll be glad you did!

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