When being okay is not okay

I am calling to arms all DCs who are sick and tired of being kicked around financially, being a slave to insurance companies, and being told by patients how it’s going to be.

There you sit, crouched behind your computer, hoping to find something to solve your ever-present office problems. Either you’re just getting by or doing well, there’s a dark looming anxiety that things can change in a heartbeat. Insurance laws, regulations, or compliance doesn’t take you into consideration when making their bold decrees. You can feel yourself being edged out at any time.

A common theme with helping DCs reach mid to high sic figures is before they had guidance in their corner they were just practicing to make money. They weren’t practicing the way of their choosing. That’s a HUGE difference!

Maybe they were persuaded by ‘experts’ who said the real money was in PI or SC. They followed these consultants to bloated overheads, patients who don’t respect them and lost the real meaning of why they became DCs in the first place. What a price to pay…paperwork, the threat of audits, administration, and the focus on patient care has been lost.

What I’ve found is lots of DCs would like to practice above and beyond short-term back and neck pain, but they simply don’t know-how.

I’ve also found that with almost all DCs that have purchased BSOs did it because they couldn’t make their desired income or produce clinical results with just adjustments. They actually thought these BSOs would help people but they under-delivered. Now, these DCs have to pay down more debt.

Others went the route of certifications and advanced academic training. There is nothing wrong with that! But if you’re brutally honest with yourself, it has not exponentially grown your practice and it rarely will. This additional knowledge has to be put into practical application if benefits are to be received.

With all of these strategies, they are betting on themselves not to lose, instead of betting on themselves to win. Having a complete system in place with an advocate in your corner to hold you accountable is like placing an out of shape person in a gym alone. The results are predictable.

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