The true meaning of Thanksgiving

Forgiveness, acceptance, and tolerance are terms that are thrown around usually in political debates or marketing campaigns that want your vote, to make some money, or get legislature passed. They spread these terms like rotten cranberry sauce over the same ole, leftover turkey sandwich.

As a doctor and a humanitarian, there are more pressing needs in the world besides your individual success. It’s time to join the bigger picture.

When you have forgiveness, acceptance, and tolerance at your forefront, you contribute to the lives of others.

You serve people’s highest good and as an effect, your highest good is also served.

Who you are as a person and what you stand for are close to the top of the list of things that truly matter, not responding to the endless ping and drone of texts and emails. You can easily sell out as a doctor and provide goods, services, and bright shiny objects for your practice members as long as ‘the golden goose’ (insurance) grants permission to you.

It doesn’t really matter what the goods, service, or bright shiny object is as far as the practice member goes as long as it provides you income. Who cares if it doesn’t work is, at best, an expensive placebo?

Thanksgiving is a yearly reminder to become a better version of you and step up.

Love Has No Color is an invitation to DCs, NDs, CAs, families, practice members, business people, and religious groups alike to enter into an unspoken and invisible dialogue that’s hard to talk about. It’s the shameful genocide of the Native American people. It’s been happening since the European invasion and continues to this day with no end in s sight.

The New Renaissance is a group that, for a long time, has attracted doctors who feel isolated, don’t feel in sync with doing what is politically correct, or letting others tell them that kids don’t matter. They don’t listen when people tell them Chiropractic is about neck and back pain only. TNR doctors have tried to exist in these majority groups but their spirit was stolen and their lives lost purpose and meaning. They were being devoured by trying to be something they weren’t.

As with all movements, the majority will not be coming along.

The American Revolution had a very small number of participants. Martin Luther King Jr. took note of how so many African Americans were busy the exact day of the demonstrations and marches. Is Chiropractic sacred or just for pain relief? Is Chiropractic something you can dedicate your life to or just use as a way to earn a living? In small pockets in the US and Canada, Chiropractic is coming of age. Not with the majority but with those who are committed, all in, and the ones who live the lifestyle not just to earn an income.

Some of the things Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Tolerance fuel.

It prevents us from putting distractions, time drainers, substitutes and imitations in front of the things that really matter. We finally have the power to choose again and refuse to become hollow, angry, resentful, cynical shadows of our former selves. We have a sacred mission that few care about, even though the reality is we are all connected through health.

It allows us, like rescue dogs, to have the courage to serve the very next practice member to the best of our abilities, regardless of their attitudes or behaviors toward us. With so much technology and ‘cures’, it’s almost become cool to see how sick you can become (remember, health insurance incentivizes you to be ill) and then be ‘rescued’ with some stem cell wonder cure, a vagus nerve implant, or plasma injections.

The answer is a lifetime of health, not waiting to be cured.

We see this in fitness (losing weight instead of keeping fit) and in marriage when 50% of relationships are surrendered to atrophy, neglect, and not knowing what you had until it’s gone.  

This allows you to forgive, accept, and tolerate your parents, no matter how rotten, abusive, or non-supportive you believe them to be. Also as you age, it’s good to keep in mind that they will not live forever. They are impermanent and far from being perfect. Just like you, wait until it’s your turn and your kids give you a report card for parenting.

It allows you the courage to enter into difficult dialogues with your spouse or your children instead of ignoring, denying it, or agree not to talk about it. When you have courage, your marriage and parenting are sacred things that do matter and are treated as such.

It allows you to tell it like it is, instead of caving or putting your tail between your legs.

You to become involved and have the clinical chops to reach children and teens and adults who have slipped through the cracks.

You can stare right into the eye of the dragon in the world of self-harm, addiction, alcohol, bullying, depression, anxiety, etc. Instead of saying, “It’s too difficult for me. After all, I’m only a Chiropractor.”

Having the forgiveness, acceptance, and tolerance mindset allows specially trained doctors to restore health to the supposed hopeless cases.

Thinking that only when you are successful will you be able to adopt this attitude or worldview of forgiveness, acceptance, and tolerance, means you’re in for a rough ride.

Bragging about how bad you have it and how unfair life is will simply postpone your life and the people and things that truly matter to us. You also won’t be a lot of fun to be around!

Thanksgiving is yet another opportunity to reclaim your life and start living it to your highest level.

Always remember, the opportunity to have The New Renaissance in your life doesn’t have to wait for a holiday. You can start anytime you want to. Today is the beginning of your new life. Click here to schedule your FREE consultation.