Is your confidence lacking?

One of the most real separating factors among DCs is their confidence level. It seems like when your confidence is low, practice members catch on to it. They won’t agree to recommendations and don’t want to pay your fees. When you talk to prospective practice members, everything seems to go great until they start to take advantage of your low confidence.

You also don’t get great clinical results, it’s almost like the universe knows you don’t have confidence as well.

How do you get confidence?

You get confidence by believing in yourself and your abilities.

Not so easy, is it?

Over the years, if there is a stumbling block, it’s confidence.

In truth, when you have someone in your corner, it makes all the difference. You gain confidence by borrowing some of mine.

When you show a DC how to do things correctly, suddenly, practice members seem to change and their office starts to work.

Do you get asked if you can help with a certain problem and go full Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory on people? Do you start talking about Harvey Lillard and the healing force of the body that gets interfered with? Have you noticed that people will just zone out while you do that? If not, maybe it’s time to start paying attention!

TNR teaches DCs to ask, “Who do you know with *insert problem here*?” The whole relationship with that prospective practice member will change.

You learned how to be a DC, but not how to communicate and increase your confidence.

Face it, you’re not going anywhere without confidence.

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