Confessions of an uncommitted Chiropractor

You came out of school with a dream of helping every person you could reach. Children, adults, difficult cases, seniors, and everyone in between. You promised yourself that nothing ever would get in the way of that dream. The rewards of that promise made are a life worth living and a world worth living in. The person who greets you in the mirror every morning is a far cry from that person who made the promise.

What happened?

When you emerged from the protective environment of Chiropractic school, you realized that not all people care about health. It’s a lot different than talking to fellow philosophically minded students all night over the endless supply of Corona and pizza. Now you’re being tested on how committed you are to Chiropractic.

Sadly, most DCs set out to have an income that requires little or no commitment.

If you have been a fan of TNR writings for even a short period of time, you may have noticed that there are less and less daring and bold young DCs. It seems the majority is purposeless and philosophy disabled, they are committed to no one and no profession. They are fueled by the insidious need to survive and make an income. They are not committed and you won’t get your best effort from this group.

For readers unfamiliar with this concept or who would like to know the characteristics of the uncommitted DC, let’s list some of the features of a person who has lost their commitment to Chiropractic. They stand for nothing and attempt to appeal to everybody.  If they are asked about their philosophy they defer to ‘will I get paid?’ 

Look around their office. It’s a collage of General Nutrition, a day spa, teeth whitening, weight loss, and etc.

There seems like there is no end to the bewildering array of services to provide yet another low quality, short-term patient. 

They are convinced of the voodoo economics of the uncommitted. The voodoo economics decrees, multiple one-shot encounters beats long-term practice members. Sell them anything you can, for you might never see them again. What’s in it for me? For the readers unable to see the truth of this statement…think dating encounters. Ohhhhh, now I see! They hunt in the short-term shallow waters of low case value averages of $300, $500, or maybe a thousand dollars. Instead of navigating the deep, uncharted waters of great long-term practice members easily bring in tens of thousands of dollars and love you and your office.

You can join the ranks of the uncommitted or stay the course with the making of prosperous family practices. The choice is yours.