Throw the insurance guidelines away!

There is a severely overlooked factor in patient care that most DCs just seem to be missing the boat on. It’s your recommendations! Strictly following insurance guidelines only cripples your ability as a clinician. It also adversely affects your income. Want proof? Imagine someone in your family is injured or suffering, will you follow your blessed guidelines? Probably not.

Your child is up through the night and you only adjust according to the guidelines.

“Sorry honey, you’re burning up with a 104 temp but I can’t adjust you until Wednesday!”

You and I both know the guidelines would go right out the window…where they belong.

Which leads me to the next point, why do you adjust family members differently than your paying practice members? Is one of these groups more deserving of an adjustment?

Integrity is the ability to serve to the best of your ability, not according to guidelines that came out of nothingness and have zero to do with your next new patient.

Do you want better clinical results? Start telling people what they need! Don’t opt out by taking clinical ability out of the equation. Don’t be an insurance robot. If you know they are going to need more care, let them know. If it isn’t going to be covered by insurance, tell them. It’s their choice if they decide to start care or not but at least you spoke your truth.

Instead of obediently following insurance guidelines, be honest with your practice members. Communication is key! Make sure they understand what you and your office stand for and the reasons behind your recommendations.

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