Stop chasing new patients

In our great profession, nobody questions the concept of continually plowing through low-quality new patients only to replace them over and over. Our world is full of Acute Onset Retardation (see the previous blog) where concepts go unquestioned like a school bus with no safety belts for the children, only the driver.

If you’re not careful, your whole existence is geared toward online and offline marketing to get low quality new patients only to have them depart after a few inducement laden and fully insured visits.

Yes, all DCs need new patients, of course. But if you don’t get off the treadmill, your intent will suffer and your clinical skills will level off.

When people come in for short-term pain relief, they never get what Chiropractic really is all about and the cycle continues. Weight loss only or fit for life? Sometimes you feel like a hamster on one of those wheels, running furiously and getting nowhere.

The solution to the new patient treadmill is RETENTION!

Keeping your practice members is so much easier and economically satisfying. 

The time, energy, and money DCs pay to be held hostage getting new patients is entirely unnecessary. When you understand the model of retention, you won’t have to worry about dealing with low-quality new patients for your entire career.

Continually hunting for patients that have such a short shelf life saps your spirit and you will forever be chained to the short-term adult pain relief model.

Kids, difficult cases, and wellness won’t happen when you’re pouring in so many resources to attract low quality, short-term people.

All the pain relief in the world won’t change the health consciousness or resonation of people.

People that receive ongoing Chiropractic care are not only healthier; they are more cooperative, not attracted to violence, and serve others as a choice, not because they have to.

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