Do you have AOR?

You’re usually level headed, analytical, kind, and caring…then it happens, you do something (you can’t even explain why) that leaves your spouse, your kids, and your practice members shaking their heads.

AOR (acute onset retardations) has been bantered about since Freud and is called by many names. All you know is that life was going pretty damn good until it reared its ugly head. Now you find yourself in difficult circumstances that you caused.

AOR causes you to do things or say things you would never do under ‘normal’ circumstances. It pops up without warning.

Think relationships, it’s the bride or groom that doesn’t show up for their wedding.


In a divorce, one of the parents refuses to visit the kids because they are so mad at their ex.


It’s a DC who is earning north of $300,000 that steals inexpensive trinkets from a store and is plastered all over social media as the thieving Chiropractor.


AOR is a constant companion that DCs don’t want to admit.

The trick is to admit and understand the beast and not to deny, bury your head, or attempt to avoid it because it always rears its ugly head at the most inopportune times.

Admit it, you know lots and lots of people with AOR (spouses anybody?), but the problem is that most no matter how serious the circumstances it lands them in, they don’t do anything about it.

Over the years, I have helped more DCs with AOR that thought it was a permanent part of their personalities and every few years, they were going to do something absolutely stupid.

The great thing about AOR is that it doesn’t have to be permanent. Some of the greatest DCs I have had the privilege to coach has been afflicted with AOR.

I will be on Facebook Live this Wednesday at 1 PM EST discussing this important topic further.

So many DCs know deep in their hearts they should be much more successful than they are, but just can’t identify this invisible saboteur!