How’s your CA doin’?

Face it, your CA is a very important part of your office. If there is an area of mediocrity that is not necessarily the fault of the CA, it’s this, especially if your office has economic challenges.

There is nothing to buy. Here’s TNR’s secret (for FREE) to go out and hire a superstar CA, immediately.

A lot of DCs will lament, “But Dr. Kevin I already have superstar CAs!”

I’m happy for you but as a business owner, you just never know when you will have to hire your next CA… sh*# happens.

Concept: Your CAs should be more than mere clerks, record keepers, insurance collectors, or doing data entry.

They should be profit centers!

Many DCs don’t know this but they add unnecessarily to their overheads with CAs that are great with practice members, but not so good with the growth and promotion of your office.

It’s not a matter of being either-or, it’s critical that they be both if they are indeed superstars.

Case in point: if the average case value is $1500 and because of the direct efforts of your CA she creates 3-4 new patients each month, there is no overhead cost to her. She feels great about contributing and you are able to compensate her at a higher rate!

It’s win-win!

How do you hire one of these superstars you ask?

Put a post on your favorite job site and ask potential candidates to send a video of themselves and why they would be perfect for your office.

You no longer will worry about being ghosted on job interviews as they are all pre-screened. You don’t have to sort through all the complicated and fabricated resumes. 

Out of the videos you receive, you will have your next superstar CA! 

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