You’ve been exposed

It started out just like any other day…then things took a turn for the worst. Maybe it was a certified letter from an insurance company or a call from the school or worse yet…a call from your spouse saying “we need to talk.”

You thought everything was going okay in your practice and your life…but was it really?

Being exposed is part of most people’s lives. Think back to when you flunked a test, you were exposed as not studying enough.

You get ‘ghosted’ on a date; you’re exposed as not being aware of the other person’s intentions.

When you underestimate the amount of effort something you attempt takes, you will be exposed as being unprepared.

After being exposed a couple of times with major things in your life, it’s easy to pull in your reigns and play it small.

In return you don’t take risks, you play it safe, and accept mediocrity. The memory of the last time you were exposed is still fresh in your mind and serves to warn that success is for other people, just not you.

When you give your best effort to all things that matter to you in life, it seems like you get exposed less and when the proverbial sh#* hits the fan, you are able to take control of the situation.

Lots of DCs are in practices that don’t reflect their true talents and abilities because of playing small and safe and being too worried about what others will think or say.

It’s no way to live.

Don’t let the adventure or the mysteries in your life disappear.

Just because you’ve been exposed in the past, doesn’t have any bearing on your life in the present unless you allow it.

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