We need more GREAT DCs!!

When you travel, admit it, it’s fun looking at or even stopping in other DCs offices. Or even when you’re killing time surfing the web, isn’t it fascinating to look at what other DCs are doing? What you see in their offices gives you an impression of their beliefs, what the function of Chiropractic is, and their role in it.

Society has put its stamp on what the expectations of Chiropractors are and it’s up to you to abide obediently or truly serve people with what you know to be true.

Be a pain relief DC or practice the way of your choosing.

The amazing thing about letting others tell you what you can do is they have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about. It’s like being a parent and letting your kids push you around!

Ever have a relative that has a serious illness and from out of the woodwork, all your friends and family now are telling them what vitamins and herbs they should be taking. When did they become such experts? 

After all, they read it on the internet, so it must be accurate!

Getting back to letting others define your practice, your success level, and the actual practice members you are allowed to see.

Your income is severely limited by embracing this outdated model.

Nothing wrong with pain as far as it goes, it’s just not health. It won’t change the paradigm from disease to health.

What if the adult musculoskeletal practice that the majority in our profession embrace is not only limited but is only a fraction of the true potential of Chiropractic?

What if by going against societal norms and customs, you could serve a whole segment of the population that is almost outlawed from receiving Chiropractic care…children.

If you want to be accepted and be a good DC, you have to do it at the expense of the children who are the next generation.

Are you willing to look the other way to earn a mediocre income when you could have the practice of your dreams by standing up for yourself?

All the concepts that have stood the test of time like learning to brush your teeth started at a young age.

We are the only licensed doctors who stubbornly and steadfastly turn our backs on the next generation.

Paradigm blindness has its price.

Way too many good DCs (not yet great!) are struggling mightily. There’s no need for it.

If society knew of all the potential that Chiropractic has, there would never be a new patient problem, a retention problem, or an income problem.

There also would be far less bright shiny objects and selling products and services to patients to boost income at the expense of showing what Chiropractic is really all about.

You would be swamped with people you loved seeing, who loved seeing you, miracles every day and your income would be exponential.

Anyone interested, come aboard the TNR train that thinks being good gets in the way of being great! Click here to set up a FREE consultation and begin your journey.