Putting the “H” back in Chiropractic

We all started the same way in Chiropractic, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take on anything. But then something happened. We became worn down from dealing with all types of people over the years. Our humanity and connection with people started to fade. Our focus on service switched from others to ourselves. We used to do missionary work and travel abroad to help others but then we became consumed with the busyness of our daily lives. “You have Medicare? Sorry, we don’t accept those types of people because of audits and bureaucracy” “Your symptoms go beyond something other than a minor crick or sprain? Sorry, we can’t help you here.” We started to cut our recommendations down because insurance companies don’t cover more than a couple of visits, even if the patient really needs it.

And you wanted to see children? Forget about it. According to insurance companies, they’re too young, don’t need care, and aren’t covered.

My mentor Dr. Joe Flesia wrote of putting the ‘C’ (cause) back in Chiropractic. At that time in my career, I thought to myself, “this is nice and all, but everyone that I know already has the ‘C’ in their practices and their lives.”

Now I realize what he knew all those years ago.

When things aren’t going the way you want to, the humanitarian dimension is one of the first areas in practice (and in life!) to disintegrate.

Making a difference in the lives of others isn’t all clinical procedures and technique. It’s what’s behind the real reason you are a Chiropractor.

Are you just earning a living or making a lasting difference in the lives of others?

You start cutting corners with patient care and people and focus more and more on administration, software, and bright shiny objects to sell patients.

Being humanitarian means that no matter your present ability level, you will put forth your best effort to help people.

It seems that good economics follow humanitarian DCs. They earn in multiples of what other more business-minded DCs do and they have a lot more fun.

It’s also about knowing that deep in your heart, you’re here for something bigger than mediocrity or the watering down of Chiropractic.

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