Take off the training wheels and let’s go!!


You’ve done the pain relief only thing…it’s not that it’s bad or anything, it just got old. You may or may not have been able to turn a huge profit but the huge price you paid to practice this was will always loom over your head. You have the paperwork, minutia; administration, billing, and CAs are starting to catch up. Not to mention, what about the fear of audits?

For the first few years of practice, this was fine. You didn’t notice the impending boredom and lack of satisfaction. You’ve always wanted to see kids, difficult cases, and care beyond pain relief only but you just couldn’t turn a profit. You got in line and gave people what they wanted…PAIN RELIEF.

The problem is this costs you big time. It saps your spirit and you are left with demanding and ungrateful patients who don’t want to be in your office. They want to be in and out as quick as possible. They’re not interested in participating in their health. This outdated way of practice (pain model) takes the miracle of Chiropractic and degrades it. It’s the same thing every day in your office until mercifully you get out and retire.

What if there was a better way?

Seeing kids in a Chiropractic office isn’t something new, fangled, or discovered by social media. It has always been there; it’s just for the few, not the many. You have to have the courage and character to share a concept with the world that is bitterly opposed by the majority.

 The best-kept secret in Chiropractic is: if you have the guidance and abilities, an ultra-successful practice that sees kid’s is the most recession-proof and fun way to practice.

That’s the funny thing about beliefs…we hate changing them. Something inside of you dies; you’re not being true to yourself. Even if your office benefits kids, society will want to keep the training wheels on your practice.

When you were unsure if Chiropractic even worked you relied heavily on the adult pain relief model only (myself included). When you the training wheels on your bike, you won’t tip over. But there is a price, you must go slow and can’t lean into corners or go fast. This is a restricted form of riding a bike that will get boring.

We are the only doctors who steadfastly refuse to see kids. MDs do, DOs do, DDs do, and even eye and foot doctors do.

Even if the humanitarian aspects of helping kids lead healthier lives don’t inspire you, the economics will.

Millennials and Gen X parents are demanding help for themselves and their ailing kids. They search everywhere except in Chiropractic offices. When it comes to kids, they pull out all the stops to get help.

So many DCs complain about this demographic when they are the cornerstone to a vitalistic or humanitarian model of health.

You can upgrade your practice if you choose to but you won’t be able to alone or by getting tidbits of advice online. It seems like everyone online has different opinions about what you need.

The only way I can help is by getting to know you, your goals, and if you’re willing to accept my advice and put it to use.

It takes someone in your corner that sees your greatness, will teach you how to set boundaries, and speak the language of the patient. You’ll learn how to switch paradigms from the outdated pain model to the upgraded vitalistic model.

There is something about the adventure, excitement, and mystery of Chiropractic. It gets dulled when we restrict its usage and limit it only to adults and pain conditions.

Show the best Chiropractic has to offer to your patients and they will show their best to you. Isn’t it about time to upgrade your office? Click here or call TNR headquarters to start your journey with a free phone or video consultation.