The #1 Ingredient to Success

My clinic didn’t need to be fixed, I did!  What Dr. Kevin did was change my perception of reality that was tainted by lies and past experiences which entrenched themselves into my mind.  It was almost like seeing something beautiful all over again like it was for the very first time.  It wasn’t Dr. Kevin’s appearance that changed to me, it was everything around me that changed.  People seemed friendlier, my home town was more welcoming, the mountains appeared more serene, and even sitting on the couch was more relaxing.  All because I finally GOT IT!

We all have reasons that validate what we don’t want in life.  From practices that don’t satisfy to relationships that seem to be tired and worn out, we get stuck in the disinterest that surrounds us.


Why would DCs rather cling to a story or set of excuses than get the help they need to earn 3,5,10 or even 20x the income they are currently earning?


It all comes down to WILLINGNESS!


Willingness to change is needed, not talent, technique, gadgets, BSO’s (Bright Shiny Objects), insurance coverage, philosophy, etc.


The willingness to trust someone to guide you, to introduce new concepts and ways of caring for more people with better results and more profit.


There’s no such things as “bad” areas to practice.  The belief that your practice will not succeed in “poor towns” where people do not value health, and don’t want their families to be healthy is just not true.


Many DCs think they have to understand something before they can use it.  As the doctor in the testimonial is attempting to put into words, everything in your life changes if you are willing to go through the process.


Understanding comes once you receive results.  The secret ingredient that gets you there is the willingness to ask for help. That one key factor will transition you from where you are, to where you want to be.


Don’t let your pride hold on to something that you don’t want.


If you’re willing to begin your journey, let’s get better acquainted ASAP.