“My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner”

"Working as an underpaid and under-recognized associate took its toll on me not only physically, but emotionally.  I was doing things that I didn’t necessarily agree with in order to make money for the head doctor.  I also had to perform CA duties.   I had a vague sense of doom and discouragement each day driving up to the office parking lot.  Sunday nights I dreaded and was unable to sleep, just tossing and turning.   I was a real bitch to my husband for no reason at all.  Working up to and including 60 hours per week and taking home (before taxes) $600 was a slap in my face.  Lying to myself, my husband about the reality of not being financially in charge of my life was very self-destructive.  Is a bottle of wine every evening still considered ‘social’?  I was never going to get out of debt. 

We even have put having kids on the back burner because of finances (or a lack of them).  The excuses I’d tell my mother and sister about why now isn’t the right time for us to have children was nothing but a bold faced lie.  I felt horrible lying to my family.  Then something amazing happened.  I saw a TNR testimonial with a classmate (also a female) who was raving about how she went from an associate to owning her own practice…and she has 3 kids!

I sent out a message on Facebook and tracked her down.  She was so happy to hear from me and encouraged me to call TNR and speak with Dr. Kevin.  I was so scared to make the call, but I was in a dead end and nothing was going to change unless I was willing to make changes in my life. 

Fast forward 9 months, I own and operate my own practice and my numbers and income are way above what I was doing as an associate.  Sure, it’s scary, but it’s worth it.  My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner.  Of particular note, when I gave my notice, the head doctor laughed at me and pointed a finger and said  I’ll come running back begging for my job back because I can never own my own practice.  Every day out on my own strengthens my resolve and for the first time in practice…it’s fun again.  We are expecting our first child early 2016."

Many DCs started off this way and even though years have passed, the invisible scars of doing things to please someone else are still with you.  Face it, you compromised and settled, and looking back at the situation, you know yourself to be so much more!


In your current office, there are still traces of the old, outdated, worn out ways of practicing. Truth is, that model doesn’t work in today’s world.  Kind of like trying to market an Oldsmobile, instead of a Tesla.


DCs who don’t understand how to reach their goals and solutions use many different evasive tactics to remain practicing the way they have been. A common one I see all too often is “the gym membership” practice, where DCs arrange lower fees, (like a gym fee), with their patients. I just had a video conference with a young, “desperate” DC who was offering a family of five, one visit a week, for three weeks, and only charging them $50.00.


There’s nothing right or wrong with that...IF you’re okay with being taken advantage of for the rest of your career!  There is no such thing as a $10.00 adjustment.  Fear of insurance hassles, paperwork, and getting into trouble creates such “strategies” that don’t meet the needs of the DC. Meanwhile, the patient is sure getting a deal.  Taking a hit financially should not be linked with serving people. In fact, you are helping fewer people when you do so.


After a while of making these deals, you lose your MOJO, the fire in your gut, and your love for Chiropractic.


Maybe you want to see kids, have true wellness in your office, do something above and beyond adult, short-term pain relief…but you just don’t know how.  Some of you reading this have advanced training with pediatrics and ICPA teachings, but are still having difficulty implementing them in your office.


TNR has always been about becoming that once in a lifetime DC, as well as being the best version of yourself you can be.  Most members consider TNR to be more of a safe haven or lifeline, rather than merely something to help them earn more money.  When you join TNR, you join a tribe whose members embody a supportive and cooperative culture. These DCs get things done, and are not okay with mediocrity, stories, or excuses. They search for solutions, and know what it takes when it comes to the life and health of their patients.  Believe it or not, if feels exhilarating to live a life of high standards.  So many DCs go to Chiropractic school filled with dreams and promise, only to graduate as scared, indifferent, and communication-deficient. All too often, upon graduation, they become DCs who obediently follow the rules of the outdated disease model, which is so prevalent in our society.


If you’re ready to make the leap of faith like this Chiropractor did, I need to hear from you today!  Fill out our brand-new Chiropractic Baseline Assessment and find out what you are truly capable of.