The shocking truth of why you can’t attract Millennials into your office

Oh, do they appear smug and so hipsterish!  Skinny jeans, Tom's shoes, Michael Kors bags, etc.  They are permanently addicted to every smart device on their wrists or in their palms - checking those are the last thing they do before they go to bed and the first thing they do upon arising.  

 Admit it, you groan just a little bit (okay, you sigh) when they come in because you can’t reach this demographic. They appear to be so under motivated, so ‘whatever’ and they don’t stick to any treatment plan.  They don’t seem to get excited about anything except the latest high tech gadget!

 They have health problems, usually lots of them. You know you can help them like nobody else but something is preventing them from being mainstays in your office!

Believe it or not, they are the products of a whole generation of Chiropractic consumers who were not educated about the FULL BENEFITS of Chiropractic care. All the pain relief in the world will not create understanding!

Their parents, for the most part, used Chiropractic for short-term, totally insurance-dependent care.  These beliefs trickled down to the Millennials and their behavior reflects this. Almost like driving an Oldsmobile, most hipsters and social media mavens would rather walk or stay inside with their devices than be caught dead in an Oldsmobile.

Don't give up on this generation, especially if you elect to see kids. They are the most humanitarian generation ever.  They have apps that fund humanitarian endeavors for perfect strangers.  They adopt babies from different cultures, nationalities, and religions. Understand that a Millennial is so much more apt to purchase or participate in things that have social causes.  In fact, the social cause becomes more important than the actual product or service. Even more important than the technique you use, or the billing software?  In a heartbeat…YES!!!

For over eleven years now our TNR coaching group has been bringing health, hope and dignity to Native American kids on a reservation in Montana with our Love Has No Color world project. Each one of our offices proudly displays this in their offices as well as ONLINE!

Millennials usually cyber stalk everything first, so having this featured prominently on their TNR websites identifies them as having a social cause.  Just this one thing heavily slants the playing field in favor of DCs who participate in social causes instead of just being DCs.

Do you donate to animal shelters, food pantries, safe houses for battered women, or have a favorite charity or movement?  Let everyone know this online and offline.  Millennials naturally tend to choose to do business with and become affiliated with someone who supports a social cause.

Don’t give up on Millennials. They have different values. Communicating to them in a language they understand is a skill that most DCs don’t have.