The secret to ultra practice success revealed…really!

Having second generation Chiropractors in your family is a source of joy that I just can’t put into words. My oldest daughter, Dr. Christy Lee, told me a story that happened in her office. One of her patients is an 11-year old special needs boy and he is a soccer player. His twin brother also plays soccer and is an absolute superstar. Her patient scored his first goal yesterday and Dr. Christy asked him if he would bring in a soccer ball and autograph it to put in her office. Dr. Christy was making an emotional connection with this little boy.

The little boy was so excited and had tears in his eyes. Dr. Christy then told him that she would like to watch him play in one of his games but she hadn’t been invited yet. Right then and there the mother looked at Dr. Christy, the Chiropractor, and her son and knew everything was going to be okay. Dr. Christy became a member of their tribe. Dr. Christy demonstrated a kindness and an ability to connect with this boy to make a life defining impact. It’s not all humanitarian in nature, it’s also economic as well; they are two sides of the same coin. The mother had prepaid for his Chiropractic care - she was expecting a miracle.

When first starting a practice, all of the focus goes into relief of symptoms, can I move bones, debt, will I get results, etc. Then as the doctors mature, many focus on insurance coding, EHR, and administration. Although these things are necessary, they just won’t build a practice and the Chiropractic spirit will all but die.

Many DCs become complacent in their practices and just won’t go the extra yard for their practice members any more. They become like everybody else. They get worn down by a symptom-obsessed society.

Successful DCs know the real source of exponential practice growth…MAKING A CONNECTION WITH KIDS AND ADULTS!

No matter how prodigious your clinical skills or how great your philosophy, if you don’t make great emotional connections routinely with your patients you will have a leaky bucket type of practice. It will seem like you are always fishing for new patients.

This little kid looks up to Dr. Christy as being larger than life. It’s a lifeline that all kids need in their lives. Parents and siblings are great, but the largest sources of input will be people who aren’t related to you who took a special interest in you and brought your greatness to light.

So many great DCs forget about the real reason why them became DCs. If you are not totally centered on patient care, other distractions will prevent or greatly resist you from organically growing to seeing hundreds of people per week.

Sure, you can use force and do screenings every weekend or pay lots for online and offline marketing but your gains (if any) will feel forced. You and your staff will be stressed to the max and it just won't be a whole lot of fun.

The way to grow exponentially today with Millennials and Gen Xs is by creating great emotional bonds.

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