Is your Chiropractic dream dead?

You went through all the trouble and effort ($225,000 PLUS) to get through your training to be a DC. Now that you have graduated and are out in the world you realize that it isn't what you had imagined it would be. You notice that most people have such a small view of Chiropractic and they just don’t get it.  So many recent graduates decide to work in someone’s office for a while as an associate to be shown the ropes.  Truth be told, after only a few weeks they realize they have learned the ropes.

Fast forward to today and not as much as you wish has changed.  You may still be an associate or you may have your own practice. The problem may be that your practice is in a state of contraction.  You know you can be doing a lot better, but there you sit hoping things will get better on their own.

Some of the most philosophical and dedicated DCs known to the planet have offices that don’t reflect their true talents and abilities.

What happened?

After a while in practice, you aren’t as bold as you used to be.  You don’t take risks and opportunities like you used to.  You don’t educate your patients.  This creeps into all areas of your life, it’s not just with your office. 

If the dream that propelled you through all the trials and tribulations of Chiropractic College is lost, the very engine or backbone (sorry, couldn’t help it) of your office is destroyed.

Isn’t it funny that by allowing your Chiropractic dream to sag, you attract people who make a mockery out of Chiropractic?  Do you really want to attract people out of sheer desperation who you would rather not see?

What if there was a better way?

A year one DC in our program relayed this story to me.  Perhaps it is a bit romanticized, but it’s too good to ignore.  It may change the way you practice forever.

This DC has a puppy who has had some major health challenges.  In an effort to increase the health of the dog, she searched the web for a holistic vet near her. She finally found one with a great web site and called to make an appointment.  The first 2 questions were: "Is this appointment for an emergency or are you looking to improve the health of your dog?"  She answered to improve the health of her dog.  "Good," the receptionist responded, "because if you’re looking for emergency care, we refer to 6 other area vets that do that type of care.  Our owners want their pets to be in the best health possible so they can have as much companionship and longevity together."  She continued, "the guidelines of our clinic are as follows: you sign on for yearly contracts, you must purchase food we make with the finest ingredients right here in the office, and you must agree to have quarterly checkups for your dog and attend our seminars and webinars put on by our experts to help keep your pet healthy for their entire lifetime."  The first year DC was so excited and responded by saying this is exactly what she was looking for. Then the receptionist told her that they currently have a six-month waiting list for new patients! 

 If you still have the dream of doing better, you owe it to yourself to stop being like everyone else.  Take a page out of this vet’s playbook and start attracting people who are going your way.

Losing your Chiropractic dream and allowing society to dictate who you are and the way you practice is okay for some DCs but not okay for other types of DCs. We attract the DCs who aren't willing to have society dictate the way they practice.  If you have had enough of stagnation, seeing people only for a few visits, and caring for people who you would rather not, we need to hear from you.