What if you wanted to be more than a pain relief doc?

You’ve been in practice for a few years now and you are just not happy with your identity in your community. You have attended ICPA seminars or a module or two towards a diplomat in pediatrics and you have added a kids section to your reception area and a changing table in your bathroom. In spite of all of this you continue to attract only adult back and neck pain patients. What’s going on?

You had a kids event one Saturday morning and nobody came. You bought a bunch of Chiropractic and kids pamphlets and you found them thrown away in your office driveway. You used to have a weekly Health Awareness Seminar at your office, but people refused to attend. You paid a social media marketer to find parents who would seek care in your office and that turned into an expensive horror show.

The majority of DCs are uninterested in seeing anything except adult pain management and that’s okay. But what about those DCs who want to see kids, acute conditions, wellness, and difficult cases?

The key to serving Millennial and Gen X parents is to be different than other ‘garden variety’ DCs. This new breed of parents consider the ‘garden type’ of DCs to be Oldsmobiles…outdated and not to their liking. They will come in for a few forced visits for pain and aches, but to get them to bring their kids in takes a much different approach.

If you really want to see tons of kids at full fee, inside or outside of insurance, you have to stand out or be in a category of one. Kids have to be front and center, not an off menu or a la carte item. If you have this identity going on in your office, you will hear over and over again, “do you still accept adults?”

Now you’re talking!

For many years TNR has been guiding DCs who want to be unique and use their own authentic personalities to create the practice of their dreams instead of following the crowd.

It’s not uncommon for DCs to see increases of 3,5,10 fold in their practices in a very short period. Why do so many DCs shine serving the people they want to? For the simple reason that these new patients respect them, will pay inside or outside of insurance, and are long-term based.

Millennial parents are not just a passing trend. Seeing kids in your office can be very difficult unless you learn how to attract them. Some DCs limit their practices to pain relief only because they haven't figured out how to attract millennial parents and their kids into their office. How tragic!

There has never been a better time in history to be a DC that stands out from other DCs. If you are interested in receiving help to transform your office from a place of frustration to a place of joy, click Free Consultation under Free Content above or call me at the number listed below immediately. In just a few minutes you will agree that having the practice you always dreamed of is not as difficult as you think.