It's Time for a Change…

It’s that time of year where people are really starting to count their blessings, and make promises to themselves that come January 1st, life will be better.

Have you thought about your New Years resolution? What will you change at the end of this month? Will you spend more time with your kids? Will you get back in the gym?

Will you better your life in general?

That’s just what TNR member, Dr. Teri from Virginia did. And she wrote to us Monday morning reflecting on her first year with TNR:

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As I approach my one year anniversary with TNR, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the positive changes that have taken place in my life. Since joining TNR and spending time with Dr. Kevin, Dr. Ed and all of you amazing, passionate, and energized chiropractors, I have seen growth in myself, growth in my practice, growth in my marriage and growth in my relationships with my children. Talk about a greater experience than my expectations…From the time of our 20th Class Reunion (October 2011), Dr. Deb Bobbitt, had been encouraging me, with great enthusiasm, to join TNR. I vacillated for two and a half years, although deep inside, I knew that I needed something. I had been in practice for 18 years in the same place.  My numbers had stagnated, my relationships with my patients had stagnated, and I felt the drudgery of day to day practice. Basically, even though I was educated, experienced, and “busy”, I had lost my way. And with that I had lost my passion for chiropractic, my passion for my patients, my passion for my amazing little family and most importantly, my passion for myself.Once I heard Dr. Kevin speak at a state event in Virginia, I knew I had to check things out. What he talked about resonated with me. So I ventured into the UNKNOWN and came to the meeting in January. I did sign up then (Thank God), even though I was financially unable in my mind. Many of you may know the challenges I faced within a couple of daysof signing up with TNR in January. Literally one day after my first coaching call, I had to fire my Office Manager, a five year employee, without any contingency plan. My practice was relatively busy and her duties included insurance billing, patient accounting and many other management duties. I felt very unsure of myself as I had never experienced this in 18 years of practice. There was always someone else to promote/take over. Truly this was an area of the UNKNOWN.Then, as hard as it is to believe, the next day my 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Being a 3rd generation chiropractor, my experience with the Medical Model has been very limited. Yet, here was my little family being poked and prodded right into the model we had worked hard to avoid. Again, an area of the UNKNOWN. Yet through all of this, I began to change in positive ways. My practice began to change in positive ways. My relationships began to change in positive ways. I became more open to new ideas, to asking for and receiving help, to being more passionate about all things.My practice began to grow in ways I didn’t think were possible. This included a 50 percent increase in collections from 1st to 3rd quarter and five out of my 1st six new patients after the Night of Children’s Health Seminar being girls 13-17 years old. None of them were directly from the lecture. And….my relationships with both my husband and children have improved, as we’ve had more time together and more fun, and a greater understanding of each other.Of course, none of this is finite. It is all in a constant, fluid and dynamic process that continues to improve with each and every TNR event that I attend and learn from. Each time I have faced an UNKNOWN, Dr. Kevin has been right there to encourage me and so have ALL of you. I am amazed at how much more connected, more passionate and more energized I feel in such a short period of time.One year ago, I never could have imagined where I would be today nor that I would be a part of such an incredible group of individuals that have such passion for chiropractic and compassion for others.  One year later, I cannot imagine my life without TNR. In this coming year, I will be facing some new UNKNOWNS (Total Immersion, DCME and continued work with Mastermind). And though I have some trepidation, I know that we will all be there together and you will pick me up if I fall as I will you. THANK YOU TNR!!”
Join us for a better year, and a better you. Take that next step. We’re right behind you.

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