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From the Mind of Miyagi


I am including a couple of links to high-level food for your tank. What these people are saying is the opposite of what mainstream society is being fed. I don’t usually quote other people’s opinions but I have included them here for obvious reasons. Why are they saying different things? Instead of listening to things from sources that profit from sickness, read what other people have to say. No, they're not saying anything about Chiropractic, but they all agree that the body has an Innate Wisdom that can combat this and any other disease created.


TRUCHIRO Interview With Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Expert MIT PhD Immunologist/Scientist


Their treatment methods vary. Remember, it's not the leash that controls the dog, it’s the owner. Whether it’s leather, chain link, rope, or plastic, the leash is the connection between the owner and the dog. That’s all. The important thing to realize is the dog behaves differently for whoever holds the leash, not what the leash is made of. The dog senses or is communicated to invisibly by the person who holds the leash. Confident, authoritative or anxious, or weak and confused. The results will be the consequence of this interface.

There is a thing called ‘depth of belief’ and this is what separates doctors. My mentor, Dr. Joe, used to ask DCs if we did our homework to better ourselves (study the Green Books, tapes, writings, books specifically attuned to the warrior) or did we only do our homework to get something? It’s your belief in what you’re doing that creates results, not the vehicle, the technique, the instrument, the software, the analysis, etc. It’s your connection and responsibility to and for your people. Is Chiropractic limited or unlimited? Is Chiropractic sacred? Low back and neck pain or truly an expression of health? Always remember that your immune system has to be compromised to get sick. Health is always the focus, diseased or apparently well. Depending on the doctor’s belief, he/she will either succumb to the latest disease, adversity, or challenge or they will challenge it. Let’s go back to AIDS when most DCs decided, because of their depth of belief, that Chiropractic was irrelevant to AIDS sufferers. Those who cared for AIDS people had an entirely different belief than those who chose to sit on the sidelines. By the way, either group is not changing their stories.

Dr. Lisa is not a Chiropractor. She comes from 5 generations of Chiropractors and surprise, surprise, she rebelliously chose not to follow in their footsteps and became a Naturopath. Her methods of care are different. She believes 100% in her methods which may include hydrotherapy, acupuncture, etc. Dr. Sabrina and Dr. Teri are upper cervical specialists. A trivia factoid is that Dr. Teri actually helped in the famous study of CD4 cells and adjustments. They believe in their methods 100%. DCMEs are a part of all of their lives and their consciousness levels. TNR members have the resonation levels to accept that it’s the doctor and their consciousness levels, not the methods employed.

 Your Innate Intelligence really doesn’t have any preference for what conditions it works through. It tends to optimize, rather than fight against. Having a shallow depth of belief in Chiropractic is like swimming in the kiddies pool where you can’t drown and simply stand up;  with a deeper depth of belief you can enjoy the frigid, shark-infested waters. You have to work to earn your depth of belief. Like Navy Seal training or a black belt, it has to be earned and there are no shortcuts.

Your depth of belief is strengthened with each training, Head-to-Head, and time you participate in TNR seminars. Beliefs that are invisible run the visible world. Does it really matter what the person lying on the table has or doesn’t have? We aren’t like other DCs. It isn't because we are better. It is a result of our training, resonation, clinical results, depth of belief in Chiropractic, and our humanitarian spirit.


Practice tip of the week

Face your fears. You have training that other DCs, family members, and friends don’t have. Stay grounded. Don’t shrink, hide, or think that Chiropractic and health are lessened because of a newly discovered virus in the wake of billions upon billions of other viruses. Don’t try to convince or prove to closed-minded, negative, pessimistic medical adherents. Don’t make fun of the masks they wear. GET BUSY caring for people! Here is an article that pertains to all of our members:


Who will be the first responders?


As with any adversity throughout history, you as a Chiropractor can’t help but be concerned with your own needs. Your ability to help others, your financial needs, and security. It’s only normal, in our superficial and 'what’s in it for me’ world. But this is only the first step. If this was illustrated as a ladder, you would be on the bottom rung only. To achieve a transition in perspective, higher rungs on the ladder must be climbed.

With a transition in perspective, it becomes all about your practice members: their needs, suffering, trauma, and terror. As a result, something magical happens. You, your practice members, and the world transcends through the adversity and is forever changed because of it. There will be a strength and resiliency that wasn’t there before that will last forever. These hidden lessons in adversity remain hidden many times. A transition in perspective is achieved when people are placed before profit or personal concern. Our profession is much deeper and profound than pain relief only. The word that comes to mind is miracle and you wouldn’t be wrong saying it. Through adversity there is unification. Not through isolation but collectively as a community of helping people will emerge. These people can be counted on.

An example is 9/11 and the first responders. It wasn’t just one firefighter, it was all firefighters and police officers. Nobody looks at a firefighter or police officer the same way post 9/11. Did they know they may have been inhaling carcinogens that would claim their lives in the future? Did they know they would lose their lives being in service to others? It didn’t matter to them. They were all first responders whose only concern was saving lives. They put all their reservations away to truly serve people. This is so rare in our society. Adversity has to be of epic proportions to see this kind of behavior emerge on such a large scale. This is not only a lesson for our country but for the entire world.

Many historians point to the pandemic of 1918 as the turning point with the licensing of Chiropractors. Because of the heroic, selfless, and life-saving care provided by a relatively few principled DCs while staring down the end of a shotgun called the plague. It included all DCs, even the ones who sat on the sidelines. Not only did many caring for infected or potentially infected people not have a license, thereby risking jail time, they also exposed themselves to the plague. By making it all about their practice members, people opened their hearts to a new idea of health through Chiropractic.

DCs who live lives of service on the higher rungs of humanity and make it all about their practice members know the feeling of not being able to eat in any restaurant in town without one of your grateful practice members sending a bottle of wine to your table, picking up your check, or coming to your table to thank you for their miracle. Individually, and collectively as a profession, we must climb to higher rungs if we are to transition the perspective of Chiropractic.


Love Has No Color News:

Why does Love Has No Color go to the Poplar Jail?

 The incarceration population on Fort Peck affects everybody. We are all connected to it. If only different choices had been made, their worlds would be entirely different. Mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers are behind bars. They are away from family, friends, and society in general. Love Has No Color reaches out to them with prison concerts, Chiropractic and Naturopathic care, books, etc.

The real connection is made with the inmates when we care for them and get to know them a bit. After a few minutes, we don’t realize we’re in a jail, we’re with people we wish to comfort. Once they get over the 'why are you doing this', they warm up to us. Most are very gracious we came to visit them. They tell us about the life they have been sequestered from. Many have little ones at home and are hopeful they will be returning soon.

Inmates have a keen street smart sense. If we are not genuine or are judgmental, they know it and will not engage with us. We don’t care what they are incarcerated for. We never ask. It’s not for us to judge. It’s our responsibility to help all those who wish to be helped. They also conversely recognize Love Has No Color comes with no agenda and no judgment, only to help and to comfort. It’s almost too good to be true in their eyes.

One year we met a female inmate in the juvenile detention center who had remembered us coming into her classroom and giving her a gift she has never forgotten. She said it was a pink and purple My Pretty Pony. With tears in her eyes, she said that it was the only present she had gotten that Christmas and it came at just the right time as she was having a very difficult time at home.

After the caregiving and getting to know the inmates, we do a concert for them. The band sets up on the other side of the chain-link fence that separates us from the inmates. We have heard their conversations about what’s going to be on the setlist, requests, favorite songs, etc. They act as though they know our group by now and they really show their gratefulness with dancing, happiness, and enthusiasm. If one of the songs is a train wreck, they have their own polite way of letting us know what we already know: Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

For a little over an hour, they enjoy a vacation away from the drone of their incarceration and get to have some fun. They start to imagine their lives resuming after they get out. One of the coolest ceremonies is giving five through the fence after the concert by the inmates to LHNC.

Each one says thank you and means it.


DCME confidential


Question 1: In light of the current events, should I suspend my DCME recommendations and stick to more accepted beliefs like low back pain and neck pain?

Answer: In all adversities, there is a hidden lesson or a silver lining. The mass hysteria is at all-time high levels and people’s illnesses, both physical and emotional, are at all-time high levels too. External circumstances don’t dictate DCME recommendations, people do. Continue on with your DCME level two recommendations.

Question 2: One of my DCME patients doesn’t think it’s safe to come to my office for care and wants to discontinue. What should I do?

Answer: Offer to come to their house if possible and you will have your own question answered. They are most likely spooked because they don’t have enough of a platform of education about health or the courage to be disliked and they turtled.