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I am so proud of all of you!

Pushed to the brink from unprecedented external factors, TNR members stand tall and mighty. Even in the most adverse conditions, TNR members find a way to serve people and stay in their lanes. No office closings. No other group in Chiropractic can make this claim. The same is true for LHNC on the Reservation. Our service goes on uninterrupted. Lots and lots of groups (with superior numbers and resources) have attempted to help Reservations with mixed results. They’ve come and gone. We are the longest group returning to the Reservation. We are not the sole fuel of positive change on the Reservation, we are part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.


Why is there such widespread panic?

As bad as this pandemic proves to be, it’s the urgency of the problem that fuels it. Something like this has never happened in our lifetime. It’s brand new and we have nothing to compare it to. It’s easy to lose perspective and join the mass hysteria. There are few leaders stepping up and serving on the front lines. DCs are interviewing ‘real doctors’, scientists, and people of interest…REALLY? When the dust settles, there will still be war, crime, heart disease, cancer, accidents, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. As imperative as it feels right now with huge restrictions of individual freedoms, nothing has changed with people’s health. The fundamental question is: will the state and government assume (seize) an individual’s responsibility to deem what is best for their health and well being? Oh, oh, I smell freedom burning. The choice of the individual will be taken away with mandatory participation in disease procedures.

Chiropractic has always been an underdog. Fighting for the little guy, the guy without a voice. Instead of constantly fighting against diseases (the disease of the day), Chiropractic has always been about restoring health, peace, and sanity. It is always there, even in pandemic times. No matter how ignorant a person may be about the 1918 pandemic, Chiropractors and NDs were saving thousands of lives. It happened, it’s a historical fact. It's an inconvenient truth of paradigm blindness, hidden in plain sight. You can choose to believe it or not, but you can’t argue it didn’t happen. Brave DCs and NDs represent an individual's choice, not the state or government to choose their method of keeping themselves and their families healthy. Chiropractic was born in freedom and lives in freedom. You don’t saddle a mustang, you let it roam free.


Practice tip of the week

Talking walls is an idea that revolutionized offices for years. In days gone by, each chart of the New Patient Orientation was matted, framed, and hung up in strategic locations in the Chiropractor's office. Including the bathroom! The concept was communicating important tenets of Chiropractic that empowered your patients once they left your office. They created a deep, profound understanding of Chiropractic, health, and certainty. It reinforced the message of strengthening health instead of merely reacting to health crisis after health crisis.

What do your walls say? Do they show pain relief, the tip of the iceberg poster, elastic around the finger cutting off circulation poster, the Meric charts, nerve charts, and misaligned vertebra or do they communicate health for life? Take a serious look (no help from CAs please) and make sure your walls communicate what you need them to know: Concentric circles, Baseline Assessment, children and Chiropractic, elders and Chiropractic, sick and well people with Chiropractic. If you have a Big Vision writing, why wouldn’t you have a very large image of it on your walls? Did you know that if you use Talking Walls, have a Health Awareness Seminar, use the Baseline Assessment poster and pamphlets that the percentage of people in your office with masks drops almost to zero? It’s true! The more masks, the more uncertainty; they are doing what they are told and also think it’s a good idea.

If you need help to individualize or customize your office, I’m at your service!


New puppies that visited the Pallis Ranch

Love Has No Color news

One of the few redeeming features of the current mass hysteria is the ability to get Kenny Smoker on the phone. He now picks up. It reminds me of the early years of LHNC. He told me how much he enjoyed the article on the 1918 pandemic and how Chiropractors were on the front lines. He said it didn’t surprise him. I said the same spirit is in each and every adjustment we give on or off the Reservation. I asked him to remember when Chiropractors adjusting kids was a foreign concept on the Reservation. Now it’s a way of life. He said it’s amazing that something nobody knows about can have such far-reaching effects. I'm hoping our practice members really open their hearts and help to make this our best fundraising year, especially since we have at-risk elders to care for, too. He is really excited about this year’s Fun Day/Boot Camp.


From the Mind of Miyagi


The invisible ripples of the mass hysteria are everywhere. Some of the most insidious effects of this don’t come from people that profit in sickness, politicians, puppets of negativity on TV channels, social media, government, or self-proclaimed experts of a disease that was non-existent a couple of months ago. It comes from family and friends. Admit it, aren’t you shocked at some of your family and friends' behavior, even spouses?!? As disappointing as it can be, it’s merely their past upbringing and history kicking in survival mode.

Even great oaks in TNR are not immune. In subtle ways we agree with the mass hysteria when we:

  • Lower our expectations because everyone else is doing it
  • Put off making large, necessary purchases or upgrading
  • Downsize or take our foot off the gas pedal
  • Give one level of recommendations and skip the DCME video
  • Wear a mask (sorry, couldn’t help myself, doesn’t apply to us)
  • Allow others to dictate our function and how we should practice
  • Shut our mouth about the far-reaching effects of Chiropractic
  • Obediently do what we’re told by people in power who know nothing about health

There is way too much people pleasing going on. Open your mouths to what you know to be true. Masks are for people that don’t have anything to say. Don’t act like laypeople like your neighbors, etc. who have no training in health. It shouldn't matter whether the general population knows about true Chiropractic or not. Don’t become a fundamentalist, attacking ‘outside in’ remedies, vaccines, new drugs, forced seizures of freedom, good for the whole  at the expense of liberty of the individual, what other people are doing, etc. Stay in your lane. You can disagree without making others wrong with their participation in the mass hysteria. There are a few members who are in active negotiations to purchase a new home. It’s a normal part of TNR life, inside our outside of mass hysteria. Don’t revert back to offering only one level of recommendations. This is the time to feature a heavier duty level of health with an at home digital video of removing emotional and mental layers of compromise to the nerve system. I saw a worker in a sub shop that is part of the Miyagi underground don a mask for one day. When he saw me come in he moved it down and was embarrassed. I said to him that  if he needed to wear a mask, do it because you think it’s a good idea, not because you are being bullied into it by shaming. He has been in and out of rehab, so I also mentioned that he has more serious things to think about other than if he is going to catch a disease, since he already has one. He threw it in the trash. I went back the next day and he still didn’t have one on. Chiropractic, born in freedom, lives in freedom.


Some members are starting up practices in the plague

What you are and what you stand for are the main ingredients that matter. These will be exposed when you open your doors. The invisible, inner resistance you face may or may not surprise you.  Most of us are conditioned never to undertake anything like owning our own practice. We are conditioned to get a job from a nice stable company that will take care of you for the rest of your life. Here’s an example of this in action:

Most towns have high school sports programs. The more populated the town or city, the harder it is to secure a place on the varsity. In smaller towns, it’s easier to earn a spot. By sheer numbers, you know exactly who is ahead and behind you. You know about graduations, age of competitors, etc. If you graduate to D1 or the pros, you encounter competition from people you usually don’t know. How hard is their work ethic? How bad do they want it? Are you going to meet someone like Clubber Lang in Rocky 2, that even Rocky’s own manager didn’t want him to fight? His manager said, “He’ll knock you into tomorrow”.

The reason most DCs work as associates is because they have never been groomed for the competition found at D1 and the pros. They mistakenly believe that making the varsity in a town of 5,000 entitles them to bigger adventures in life. IT DOESN’T! You hear of doctors and nurses taking furlough until this pandemic all blows over. It’s safe to play soldier on the weekends, but when you are deployed, it’s a whole different matter.


DCME confidential


Question 1: Why would there be a dip in DCME cases during the current crisis?

Answer: There shouldn’t be! Yes, I realize the panic and terror in people who don’t know about health; however, their problems are intensified by staying home, not getting better. There is no time like the present to work on a particularly difficult health challenge.

Question 2: At various TNR trainings I've heard about some of the fantastic dollar amounts of level two recommendations. I just don’t feel like I’m there yet. Why?

Answer: Because you’re not. It’s taken years for senior members to earn those chops. A young intern at one of our offices witnessed a heavy-duty DCME report of findings and thought it was an app or a computer program and wanted to get it as a shortcut. You might start at $3500 as a recommendation and go from there. Even great oaks started as little acorns.