May 15th & 16th Miyagi canceled

This is really getting quite silly. This is the second TNR event that has ever been canceled!


Two more clandestine Head-to-Heads scheduled

This makes 3 since last week. Lots of members have very sick relatives in MA and want to visit…. A warrior always finds a way!


Sacred Relationship Experience will be on June 12th & 13th

We are very pleased to announce the rescheduling of our first-ever Sacred Relationship Experience. The hoopla should have died down by then although it is subject to the powers to be. This will be a completely new experience. Members who have been through the wringer will ask, where was this when I needed it?     

Practice tip of the week

Resist the urge to bash uninformed, ignorant, fear-mongering public disease officials. Fighting against nothing serves only to make it real. Fighting against disease has nothing to do with health. Stay in your lane. Adding your name to the participants of this medically-induced mass hysteria will serve no purpose. Dig in, get serious, and stop complaining about things largely out of your control. Get creative. We have several members in states that are pressing forward and becoming more restrictive. One member has a handkerchief that substitutes for an official mask that reads, “This isn’t my idea.” Another one says, “Running away from disease is not the same as being healthy.” Isn’t it crazy that there are people inside and outside of the profession that claims there is no scientific proof of Chiropractic being anything but adult pain relief! Empirical data, factual statistics, actual diagnosed cases, or suspected cases, just follow the money trail. What’s that you smell? Even through a mask, you can smell your freedom burning.


From the Mind of Miyagi


During this mass hysteria, I’ve witnessed things I did not think I would ever see in my lifetime. This is right up there with the Berlin Wall being torn down. If you don’t think it’s in that echelon, guess again. This mass hysteria has been adopted by most countries throughout the world, not just confined to one country. The things I’ve seen:

Most people don’t know a particle of what health is regardless of their education or income, or whether they are a celebrity or a pro athlete, etc. Remember this the next time you think you’re having a dialogue with a rational person during your Report of Findings.

The average person is like a leaf in a stream, it goes where it’s taken with no compass or rudder. They don’t create their lives because they think things happen to them and their direction is under the control of the powers of the state.

The strength that I’ve noticed with members through all of this is inspiring to me. My personal mentor, Dr. Joe Flesia, would have been so proud of seeing the perseverance of our members on the front lines, refusing to act like laypeople and hiding from the dragon. Speaking of relationships, have you noticed how your spouse and family have reacted to the mass hysteria? One member is reportedly having to convince their mother that viruses aren’t transmitted over the phone.

The members with the most TNR training are able to navigate through this, even when their spouse doesn’t believe as they do. Their leadership overshadows doubt and fear of untrained people. You can’t blame people who don’t know about health. It’s their personal history and it’s more important to them than anything else. OOPS! It’s their mooring or link to living forever (life extension is HUGE in medicine right now!) through the invincible force of medical care. One thing is for sure: true believers have been revealed and good time Charlies have been exposed. The Sacred Relationship Experience coming up in June will show you how everything in your life comes down to relationships. Everyone will face their own personal ‘Corona viruses’, from divorce to losing a child, losing parents, losing pets, health challenges, and economic fluctuations. The thing that will help you get through these events is by constantly working on your personal garbage instead of demanding everyone in your life act according to your needs.

There are a few members that haven’t secured tickets to this event. How can this be? What are you waiting for? If not your marriage, parenting, and other sacred relationships, what are you willing to put your best effort into? It is ideal to have your spouse attend, but it’s also foundational to work on yourself. Don’t bring an unwilling participant that doesn’t feel the need to strengthen relationships until the proverbial sh&* hits the fan.

Love Has No Color news

If there was ever a Fun Day that will take on historical significance, it’s this year. Having the schools closed down means one less meal each day that these kids on the Reservation eat. This year’s fundraising will be short and sweet due to the current events. As counterintuitive as it sounds, people will tend to be more generous after such a tragic event. We plan on putting much more effort into delivering lots and lots of food. 

Have you noticed that adults are easier to socially program than kids? It seems like kids are the only ones to question insanity, like is the emperor wearing clothes or is he naked? Isolating to create unity falls on deaf ears with kids. It doesn’t make sense to them because it shouldn’t.  Adults have their social programming and dutifully obey what anyone tells them,  so the outcome is certain: they accept it as fact and fall for it hook, line, and sinker. They are now devising virtual playgrounds with pictures of hundreds of kids on a screen and that is supposed to substitute and imitate real life. Do you remember all the lessons you learned on a playground? Fun Day allows kids to interact face-to-face, eat, and commune with a tribe of people they aren’t related to. It builds a sense of self based on actual participation and being in the moment, not watching something on a computer. It is the same way with the inmates at the Poplar Jail. It builds hope where there is precious little.

DCME confidential


Question 1: With all the craziness out there, is it too far a stretch to think that every person who completes a DCME, level-two type of care will be less willing and able to fall for government and medical schemes? 

Answer: Like the predicament of the species, people don’t have the resonation to see things in real-time. An example is safety belts on a school bus. They are conditioned to accept pollution, global warming, war, and crime, with no room to think differently than the programmed masses. When you put in a concentrated effort over a period of many months of removing interference on a physical, emotional, and mental level, it’s not just the symptomatic picture that clears up, the person resonates at a higher level and becomes more humanitarian and less like a sheep. There is a perfection within all people, it’s our job to remove interferences to it. 

Question 2: I have a potential DCME person who said she would make it worth my while if I come to her house and wear a mask and gloves. Is this a trap? 

Answer:: You’ve been a TNR member for over 8 years so you know this to be true. To a younger, more inexperienced member, this doesn’t sound unreasonable, even though it is. Their belief in disease and medical programming is stronger than their belief in you. Even if you do the work, your clinical results will be shabby at best because of this person’s reluctance to do what you ask of them. They are not willing to give up their beliefs. In the early years, I was asked by so many addicts’ parents if their kids could ‘use’ only on the weekends because they need it. The answer was the same then as it is now…NO!