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The Sacred Relationship Experience is scheduled for June 12th & 13th

We are still waiting to see if the US/Canadian borders will be opened. Ticket prices are at historic lows so consider holding off purchasing your airline tickets for a couple of weeks. We will keep you posted. If you haven’t purchased a ticket to the Sacred Relationship Experience already, then now is the time. This is a no-brainer. Not only do your marital or intimate relationships depend on these principles, so does each relationship you make with your kids, practice members, business, money, etc.

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From the Mind of Miyagi


You’re not being told the truth!  Who is telling the truth when it comes to politics, war, crime, hospitals, drug companies, etc.? What was formerly called the news is now really just opinions based on geopolitical beliefs. When you’re a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.

If there was no crime, hundreds of thousands of police officers would be out of work. Ain't gonna happen. There is an entire parasitic profession (court system) that depends on crime to be profitable. If there was no war, we would have 6.4 trillion dollars to spend on health, education, helping poverty-stricken people in our country and beyond, etc. Peace doesn’t stand a chance. The belief in war is a constant in our warring nation and is not even questioned. Speaking of parasitic professions, drug companies and their scientists put profit in front of humanity routinely. They are mainstream pillars in our disease obsessed society. Nobody dares question them or the wake of carnage they leave with their supposed cures, side effects, and robbing Peter to pay Paul mentality.

There are trillions of dollars at stake with this current medical induced pandemic. The greed and power motive is so huge and pervasive, yet most don't question it. Does the emperor have clothes on or is he naked? The open-minded children know and the close-minded adults obediently do what they are told like sheep. If you speak up against it, you will have your freedom taken away from you and you will be silenced. Religious leaders are running for cover, people are giving up constitutional rights at every turn (right to assemble, free speech, the ability to run a business, etc.), and people are allowing the government to run roughshod over them. Even if it’s not true! Workers are being forced to be tested even though they aren’t sick. Don’t want to get tested, then your paycheck is withheld. More stats are needed to verify and corroborate the mass hysteria. The government will run over our citizens to fuel this hysteria. We must comply with the fascist demands of a government gone wild or we will be arrested and fined. Be a good comrade.

 Does Chiropractic still need to prove, convince, or plead our cases? How many millions of adjustments will it take? Was the Spanish Flu in 1918 real or was it a figment of our imagination? Many like to say, "That was back then."

This is some of the work my mentor did with Renaissance back in the day. It was completely ignored, vilified, and made fun of by DCs and MDs alike. This excerpt is from an email I received from a long time Renaissance supporter:

"....... Dr. Ronald Pero, the ecogenetic toxicologist who found that those under long term chiropractic care had immune system functions that were 400% better than those who were without it and were sick. He looked at all the environmental factors that someone would be exposed to and based on their genetic vulnerabilities predicted if they would get a certain cancer, but the folks under long-term chiropractic care didn’t get the cancers they were expected to get.

Pero R. Chiropractic research project, Wallenberg, Laboratories, University of Lund, Lund Sweden, February 22, 1989.

Neuroimmune J. Vertebral Subluxation Res. September 30, 2008 3"


Many DCs outside of our group look more like osteopaths: neutered and domesticated like a toothless and declawed tiger. Pain relief is not whole-body health. Regardless of how much back pain relief is accomplished, it never will change the health paradigm. When will the need to be accepted by Below the Line people end? When will a new era of warriors on the front line be ushered in to serve people who wish to be served, not pleading with non-believers to fit in their understanding of disease?

Paradigm blindness is especially prevalent in Below the Line people, including leaders. When Love Has No Color was introduced in 2005, it was considered quaint and nice. It was questioned whether it would ever do anything worthwhile. We were told that the very people we were attempting to help couldn’t be helped and didn’t want help. There are statistics that prove the effects of LHNC, Kenny Smoker, and HPDP as being part of the solution, not part of the problem. So why hasn’t the government and NGO (non-governmental agency) universities who collect the data investigated the causes of this magnificent turnaround? This hasn't been a 10% decrease in suicides, this is a modern-day miracle! There has only been one adolescent suicide in the past 3-4 years. Why haven’t these groups or even different tribes themselves contacted LHNC? It's an inconvenient truth that is dismissed because of paradigm blindness.

 How about safety belts on school busses? Why does the driver have one and the kids don’t? Paradigm blindness, an inconvenient truth that is not welcomed. Did you know not one office in TNR closed its doors? Did you know that some offices broke records in April? Some offices are down in adjustment numbers but thanks to DCME fees and not giving care away, they are way ahead of 2019 collections and are still delivering out of this world clinical results. Most people think the only ones on the front lines of essential care are MDs, nurses, hospitals, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t act like a layperson and obediently run from challenges and mask what you know to be true. Speak up. There has never been an opportunity like this in history to serve. Don’t let it pass you by.


Love Has No Color News

I just spoke with Kenny Smoker and he wants to say thank you to all of our members, families, friends, practice members, and staffs. As you would expect, the conditions on the Reservations are difficult at best. To compound the problems facing them, there is now a huge fear and distrust of each other as spreaders of disease. Of interesting note, Kenny said only 50% of the people wear masks. This year’s fundraising will probably start next week and it will be short and sweet. The Fun Day/Boot Camp will be a celebration of life,  health, and the people who have been there over the last 16 years through thick and thin. We need all hands on deck for this round of fundraising as now, more than ever, we have lots and lots to do.


Mother’s Day

Make sure the celebration doesn’t last just one day. They are there for us 365 days a year. If you got a same ole, same ole gift for her, get another one that really makes a statement. One of our children got my wife a Rose of Sharon plant and planted it in her flower gardens on the Pallis Ranch. Seeing Dr. Julie’s flower gardens in bloom is a sight to be seen. It was very emotional for her. A lot has transpired in the last year for Dr. Julie. Her mother passed away last summer and she still misses her tremendously. She wasn’t just a mother, she was a role model. She had a special way of doing things and being a good person in this world. If any of you had the privilege to meet Carma, you know what I mean. Strive to make the best relationship you can with your mothers. If they are no longer with us, set a place for them at special meals, celebrations, birthdays, etc. Mothers make the world go round.



Question 1: I have been contacted by a relative of a person who is quite ill and isn’t expected to live. They were asking about the possibility of me caring for her. Is this a lost cause?

Answer: It’s not your call if it’s worth it to them. Your only responsibility is to serve her if allowed to. You are responsible only for your effort.

Question 2: I’m usually good with clinical results but this one particular case is driving me nuts. There have been ZERO results. What should I do? I feel like a fraud.

Answer: Discuss the case with me on your next coaching call. Don’t be embarrassed or feel inadequate, we all have been there. Do you think it stops an MD in their tracks when one of their patients doesn't get results?