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The June 12th & 13th dates for the Sacred Relationship Experience

Travel is still restricted between the US and Canada so the Sacred Relationship Experience dates are in serious jeopardy. We have heard that the border will be opened no earlier than July 1st, but we don't know if that is true. We are in a similar situation as a plane that is a holding pattern and can't land. We will make our decision to pull the plug if necessary in the next week or so. Don’t buy your airline tickets just yet.


TNR DCs are always defined in adversity

During these uncertain times, we see some DCs flourish and deliver the goods while others question their actual heritage, the why they do what they do. These DCs are simply not strong enough to swim against the tide of the mass hysteria. Quitting is a distinct option for them; it isn’t for us. From the American Revolution to MLK, woman’s suffrage, rights for minorities, etc., it's always a tiny sliver of society that actually puts the skin in the game. Those willing to face the consequences of rocking the boat incur the risk that actually liberates an entire population. The entire population benefits from the labor and sacrifice of a few. What else is new? If it was easy or convenient, it would be seen on Facebook or Twitter.

Being together with TNR members during this adversity has allowed Dr. Julie and I to witness the next generation of toughness, the emergence of the Alpha, who never say die in a beta society. There is a beauty to be seen with doctors who put the people they serve in front of profit and deception. We have many offices that are flourishing while weaker DCs are abandoning ship, saving their own skins, and are hiding from the viral boogeyman. How can this be? It’s a mixture of developed personality traits, understanding packages of care, DCMEs, and standing before your people in truth. A non-TNR member asked one of our members how he saw 11 new patients last week. One member had the best April ever doing 125 fewer adjustments. Imagine when the 125 adjustments are added back to their schedule! How can a brand new practitioner get a DCME with his second new patient?


Practice tip of the week

Say less and mean more. Stop attempting to convince, to prove, or to proselytize your people. Either they are going to move forward or they are going to continue to be part of the problem. Think about the hours wasted attempting to show out of the Sweet Spot people the benefits of Chiropractic care. Stop it; they are not listening. Say less and mean more. The wonder dog, Hachi, takes his border patrol of the Pallis Ranch quite seriously. Deer, fisher cats, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, you name it, it’s like a wild kingdom, but he is up to the task. Since the mass hysteria, we have had lots of trespassers on our property. More in the last few months than all the decades we have been on the ranch. The trail cameras that the kids gave us for Christmas have more pictures of people with dogs than animals. We have lots of communication signs up about No Trespassing, etc., but they don’t care.

Yesterday I was on the trail with Hachi when we saw a guy with a black dog on a leash with another guy. Hachi took off toward them and got very aggressive with the dog and men.  He looked like he was going to bite the dog or the owner as he growled and bared his teeth. The owner was petrified and the other guy ran.  After screaming at him, "No, No, Hachi come", he relented and stood down. Even though they were trespassing on our property and there were warning signs, the two men chose to ignore them. We would have been found guilty and negligent in the justice system. This is the world we live in. These are the same people who come to your office and offer you excuses and reasons why they can’t participate. Say less and mean more. They won’t be back because they experienced communication at its finest.  Hachi communicated the message and didn’t say a word.


From the Mind of Miyagi


Two TNR members had Head-to-Heads last week. Something was said that triggered a thought in my mind. One of our members said, "It’s been too long since my last TNR training. I'm hungering for something, it's like my battery has run down." It is currently a bit of a hassle (invading your privacy to take your temperature and having to wear a mask, etc.) to travel by plane but plane travel has not been completely taken away yet. Schedule a Head to Head pronto! Protect your right to practice the way of your choosing while the rest of our profession is aligning with ‘going with the flow’ and becoming good comrades.

This mass hysteria will expose the "why" behind why you truly practice. If you are doing it solely for economic reasons, you will be exposed as not being all in. The more you lean away from vitalism, the more exposed you will be and you will fade away. Associates are particularly hard hit. They chose not to become prepared to help people as an owner and they are facing the consequences of that decision. Their why is just not big enough to handle large scale adversity. On the other hand, if you are principled and are unwilling to allow the powers to be to remove your freedom to help people as a DC, you will find a way, plain and simple.

A bit of perspective is in order. Regardless if you are of faith, atheist, agnostic, etc., do you really believe that your body’s Innate Intelligence has met its match and can’t defend against this disease? Immunity has been thrown out the window and now science and the government must protect you? Something you may or may not realize: our work of 15 years has never been replicated on any reservation or reserve. This problem has plagued (sorry, couldn’t help myself) our country for hundreds of years. Billions upon billions of federal and state tax dollars, stipends, and social assistance have been granted to Native Americans with no results. Yet a tiny but mighty group of high resonating DCs and supporters, along with Kenny Smoker, the HPDP, and others on the reservation helped collapse the suicide rate.

With coaching DCs, I love to see the silver lining in adversity. Nobody looks forward to witnessing suffering, but it does quickly expose the all-ins from the wannabees: how a DC carries on and thrives despite having a handicapped child at home; sick and aging parents; a loveless marriage; lots of other DCs in the area; bullies being a part of our members' lives and yet they still carry on; injuries and sickness in the DC themselves and yet people around them don’t even know about it. There is a royalty to high resonating people who make it all about others instead of putting profit and deception before people. Stop listening to the whining, the excuses, the gnashing of the teeth, scare tactics, and the hand wringing and get to doing what we do best. Help people become healthier. Supply the leadership and courage and let Chiropractic do its job!


DCME confidential


Question 1: Is it really true that Dr. Julie is not getting her hair cared for because of the mass hysteria?

Answer:  Yes it is! It's a serious invasion of your freedom if the price for a haircut includes getting your temperature taken, having to use hand sanitizer, and having to wear a mask.

Question 2: Have you seen a dip in DCME cases for other members?

Answer: Overall, the number of members seeing DCME cases has decreased, but the few that feature DCME, level 2 recommendations for all practice members have actually increased. It is kind of like the office that is down over 100 visits and still collected $16,000 more in income.


Testimonial from a very satisfied patient of a TNR DC