What the heck is goat yoga?

Father’s Day was on the horizon and my oldest daughter called to say we were going on an excursion on Sunday. She said we’re leaving at 9:30 a.m. and to dress in comfortable athletic clothes. Having two high-resonating and scheming daughters planning the event, I knew I better be ready for just about anything! We have done grueling workouts, hot yoga, and holiday athletic contests in the past so I had a feeling this was going to be something special.

About a mile away it suddenly hit me…we were going to goat yoga! I’ve been Miyagied and I am Miyagi! One of my daughters introduced the concept months ago and I didn’t think anything about it. For those of you unfamiliar with goat yoga, you are in an enclosure pen with small (and some not so small) goats. They climb up on top of you while you attempt to do yoga poses. There were a couple of helpers cleaning up after ‘accidents’ from the goats. The feeling of a goat on your back is almost soothing once you get over the shock of it. It stretches you a little more than you can do yourself but if two jump on you, you may be in trouble!

The participants in our class ranged in age from kids to people in their 70’s. One elder woman shrieked as she toppled over under the weight of a small goat. Her screaming sounded like she was being mauled by a bear. What did she think was going to happen at goat yoga? Another man brought a chair to sit in. The women had to put their hair up because the goats would bite, nibble, and pull some of their hair out. For the most part, their hoofs were polite, but Dr. Christy had some nice scratches as a souvenir of her goat yoga experience. Dr. Randi Jo just missed (the class had ended) a golden shower when a goat soaked her yoga mat after she had gotten up.

Practice tip of the week

This one will sound crazy, but here it goes. Does your office truly represent the vitalistic model of practice which is above and beyond pain relief? Are there any remnants of medical activity: stethoscopes, white clinic jackets, pin wheels, medical magazines, average, grumpy CAs, unnecessary gowning of practice members, unnecessary paperwork including pain index, symptom surveys, etc.? Once you are in your office for even a little while it becomes invisible to you. You can’t see it. You don’t need a weight scale in your office. It’s such a downer for many people and is unnecessary unless, of course, you are doing weight loss in your office and treating people for tape worms and parasites. Look real close and eliminate to strengthen your belief in the vitalistic model of practice.

From the mind of Miyagi


If you were in the Revolutionary War, how would you recruit soldiers? Would you put an ad in the paper that was run by colonist only to be turned in, hauled off in chains, and hung summarily? Hardly. By doing that you would give your position away and endanger your whole family and relatives. We saw this happen over and over in Germany with the Nazis. “Come now, Dr. Kevin, we live in modern times and none of this stuff goes on anymore. We are free to care for kids and raise kids the way we see fit and there are no visible forms of retribution.” Or are there?

As a TNR member, have you ever asked yourself why seeing kids, DCMEs, wellness, and care above and beyond pain relief is so unpopular? It’s because the decision not to do these activities was already made for us by the powers to be. It’s called colonization. There are some invisible and not so invisible rules set up to enforce this belief. You can go against the tide; however, you can’t do it alone.

I am looking for members who can round up a few DCs in your area for a TNR Intro Workshop in your office. These are held on Thursday mornings. This is where I introduce TNR concepts to these DCs and offer them the opportunity to become a part of TNR. Newer members may not be accustomed to this concept and may not realize there is no competition in your community among DCs. If you had a TNR member or two in your area, the possibilities could be endless in what you could accomplish: meeting with one another, having joint events together, etc.     

It’s also a great time for some one-on-one time with me the night before or for breakfast where you can ‘pick my brain.’ It’s win-win for everyone! Call TNR Headquarters and let us know if you want to host an Intro Workshop at your office. 

Cinderella wedding 2 years ago today!

This was just like a fairy tale! Congrats to Dr. Randi Jo and Dr. Marc on their two year anniversary!

The Love Has No Color Fundraiser is in high gear!

It’s on like Donkey Kong! All kinds of inventive activities are going on to raise funds for this year’s Boot Camp/Fun Days. I hope everyone knows how special this year’s festivities are going to be: a sweat lodge, going into the jail, a prison concert, and there is going to be a welcoming feast for our group. If you have never been on the Reservation or even if it’s your 10th time, this is the year to attend.

We are on the lookout for ‘big fish’ donors who can write the big 501(c)(3) checks. Something to remember with wealthy people: if they don’t give it away, it gets taken away. It’s a chance for them to really do some good with their corporate funds. If you need a special Love Has No Color package for potential ‘big fish’, let headquarters know and it will be sent instantly.

DCME confidential


Question 1: What can I do for a person who has the finances but is unwilling to put in the time and their best effort?  

Answer: Nothing! One of the hard facts in the world of DCME is occasionally the limiting factor is not finances; it’s the willingness of the person. Think weight loss here. It’s not the price of the gym membership, it’s the effort that goes along with making a commitment and seeing it through.  

Question: How do I know if my DCME patient is doing the videos?  

Answer: That one is real easy. If they are not asking you questions and asking for clarifications, they are simply not doing it. The 21-Day DCME Video Program was created to establish a sacred bond of trust between you and your practice member. If they go below the line and try to do things themselves, they will go right back into their old ways and will not join with you to accomplish the goals at hand.

21-Day DCME Video Program news

It is very gratifying to see the chat room welcome and support people during their DCME journey. A person new to the DCME world was overwhelmed at the support he found in the DCME chat room. There is no judgment, just encouragement and understanding. The world could use a lot more of this.

21 Day DCME graphic

DCME Seminar is on July 20th

Don’t miss the hottest seminar of the summer! What does Miyagi have up his sleeve this time??? Get your ticket today!!!

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