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TNR Happenings June 24, 2019

happs 24th

The Great Escape

Derrick was playing golf and I had been entrusted with my son’s greatest treasure, his beloved Akita, Okami. No big deal, I have taken him for walks dozens of times before so there’s nothing to worry about, right? Christy’s dog, Roscoe, has had a few minor escapes while on our watch, but he is huge and tires more easily. Everything was going great: at one with nature and man’s best friend, until he slips his collar and is FREE! In case you don’t know, Akitas are stubborn, resist training, and they are escape artists. When he slipped his collar, he stood frozen for a moment, not aware he was free. I tried some of my Miyagi Zen mind control and it had no effect, he bolted.


He tinkles every few hundred feet so I could make up some ground when he did. As a veteran of numerous Akita chases, I know there is only one rule, keep the dog in sight. If you lose your sight line in the woods, you won’t find your dog. In a neighborhood where you can keep him in sight, you’ve got a fighting chance. I had to do fast, fast walking, jogging, and intense sprints to keep him in my sight. He had to poop and I closed in on him some more. The amazing thing about the chase was the amusement and entertainment it caused in people. I heard lots of comments and advice. One person said, “Just stand still and he will come back to you.” (What planet were they from?) Another one said I should call the Medfield Animal Control, but also said they might not be available on the weekends. A kid that was shooting hoops in his driveway said he would help, but his ragweed allergy was terrible. I was reminded of how everyone comments on what someone with a serious illness should be doing, yet they don’t really offer any help.

He was pulling away from me at the 2-mile mark and it was 80 degrees and muggy. Then some dogs started barking at him and that slowed him down. I kept running, I didn’t want him to get out of sight. His next trick was to get into a fight with a screaming baby woodchuck in some shrubs. How did he find a baby woodchuck? I couldn’t get enough of a grip on him since his collar had come off. Then he went into a backyard that was enclosed by a fence. This was my chance. Inch by inch I closed on him. He did some head fakes and dashes, but I cut him off. In the end, he surrendered and I got Derrick’s dog back. There was no way I was going to make that call, “Hey Derrick, I lost your dog.”


DCME Seminar is on July 20th

Call up 10 area DCs and ask if they routinely see kids, difficult cases, etc. You’ll find that the majority don’t see kids and don’t want to. If they do, it’s for things like colic, constipation, ear infections, etc. One of the reasons why I created a DCME seminar years ago was because I thought DCs would want to know how to help kids in trouble! They would want to help kids that have slipped through the cracks, kids with real illnesses way down on the health ladder. Outside of TNR, I have found just the opposite over the years. Instead of courage, there is an arrogance or an intellectual narcissistic attitude. It is almost like they actually believe that they already possess this ability, but are choosing not to use it at this time. It reminds me of the people offering advice (like in the Great Escape article above, potential energy: words, not action) instead of actually helping (kinetic energy: action, not more words). It’s this resistance, as part of the collective consciousness of Chiropractic, that contributes to the lowered value and usefulness in the minds of society. This creates almost a pejorative, derisive, patronizing tone about Chiropractic. Not in TNR! If possessed by DCs, just this one ability and this one mindset would instantly change public perception. Admit it, don’t your miracle cases think you’re a rock star?         

DifficultCasesMade July 20th

From the Mind of Miyagi


There are lots of opinions out there as to what creates happiness. Without question, society accepts the pursuit of happiness as a worthy, if not the highest, goal. Then why are so many people unhappy? I’m sure you know colleagues that are rich and some of them have very stressful, anxiety-filled lives with plenty of drama. You also know of many DCs who have microscopic practices that from the outside seem to be fairly content with their smallness and are reluctant to display their greatness. Instead of happiness, could most of us be looking for purpose and meaning in our lives rather than a word (happiness) that means so many different things to so many people? 

I have guided so many DCs and others over the years and have heard their stories, and I believe it’s more about becoming the best version of yourself and giving your best effort in all of your endeavors that matter. In your practice, do you make the sacred bond with strangers? Can your spouse really count on you even if you’re struggling with the day to day demons of living in a world that worships disease, war, and limitation and lack? How about your kids? Are you going to dictate the narrow confines of what you will give your love and acceptance for? Or do you give your kids the freedom to choose their own lives and your part is to support and love them, rather than withhold your love if their decisions don’t align with your beliefs?

In the heroes journey, you must constantly shed limiting beliefs about your true potential. It’s not comfortable letting go of beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve you anymore. As a result, most adults don’t change and adapt their lives to welcome the imprisonment. If you have the necessary courage throughout your life, you are constantly changing your course as to what your best effort is. For most people, looking back at what they thought their best effort was in their 20’s is laughable. It was all about them individually. In TNR now, it’s all about the other person you’re serving, from practice members to spouses, kids, friends, and dogs. It’s the union of two coming together over a shared interest, not separate interests. It’s understanding you are not better or more special than other people.  It’s not about you anymore, it’s about them. Like when you have kids, you’re not the star anymore. When you see a miracle happen, it’s not just the one person who receives the help, each person in the partnership receives and benefits. Giving your best effort has always been reserved for the few, not the many. We see this in all areas of human endeavors. Does money, social acceptance, Twitter followers, or fame determine your effort level? Or does it come from a higher plane: the infinite? Imagine only giving your best effort when the reality camera light is on. 


Boot Camp 2019 Fundraising news

As stated in the Love Has No Color newsletter or the video, we are behind in raising cash for this summer’s fundraiser. As you know, the monies will be used to help build a geodesic dome in Frazer, buy 800 back packs, school items, and high-quality, non-perishable food and household goods for 300 families. Get your practice members involved! I have the perspective of doing this for15 years  and I know you are in a very special time of your life. You will remember the passion and purpose it takes to help these kids for the rest of your life. It’s easy raising money for a socially accepted and recognized belief like disease research and cures. Any monies donated to these causes usually won’t yield results for years to decades. The kids on the Reservation need the help now, not when a cure is found. They have been waiting for hundreds of years. Their time is now.

You can also donate in your family’s name or in loving memory of a deceased friend or relative. We have even had donations in memory of deceased pets in the past. Think outside of the box: kids, social media,  and ‘big fish’ donors. We have the conviction and the courage to raise these unpopular funds (most people are totally unaware of the third world conditions right here in our country) necessary to do the job.



I will be in Michigan for my family vacation. We have been going to Michigan every summer for thirty plus years! Emily will be at TNR headquarters and will be there to help. She can schedule Head-to-Head dates and Intro Seminar dates. You can let her know if you want to purchase your DCME Seminar tickets or if you have any LHNC related questions. She can do it all!


DCME confidential


Question 1: I have a single mother who recently brought in her 12-year old with PDD and a whole lot more for DCME care. Her ex-husband is hassling her about the money she spent and wants me to send him a letter explaining care, consequences, and risks so he and the pediatrician can approve of it. Should I do it?

Answer: NO! Unless you are court ordered, do not fall into this trap. No matter how much proof, evidence, or documentation you provide, it will not be enough. 

Question 2: I have a DCME that has gone through the 3 months of heavy duty recommendations with little or no results. HELP! 

Answer: It’s not uncommon for an illness or health challenge not to respond in 3 months. Repeat the recommendations for another 3 months. Where you will get into trouble is putting them on wellness when it violates the spirit of wellness. Many members who are seeing lots of DCMEs are now doing 6 months or a year under one package. It sure is more accurate clinically. It will really test your belief in Tic and yourself.    


We are still looking for the elusive bass guitarist

Is there a bass guitarist in your office? Tell them all they have to do is get to the Reservation. We have guitars and amps on the Reservation that were donated and we will take care of the rest. There are 3-4 members looking, so first come, first served! Thank you!

The End of Struggle

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