Ubuntu…do you have it?


When you are a DC who is advancing a health concept for the betterment of society, one thing that is for sure: you are going to face a lot of adversity. Abraham Lincoln, MLK, Malcolm X, Ghandi, etc. knew about this resistance.

When you attempt to convey this ‘new message’ of health, most people are not interested. It’s different and it goes against their familiar beliefs of disease. Once upon a time DCs were routinely jailed for helping people. Today, people will still resist you in your efforts to be anything more than a jr MD. Your community members will ask you; can’t you be like my old Chiropractor and throw me on the table without an exam or x-rays and have at me?

“you mean I have to come back, you haven’t fixed it yet?”

Having leadership in your office takes a tremendous amount of internal drive. From working another’s dream (medicine) to working your own (Chiropractic, health, vitality). The motivation must come from the inside, and not external factors. Many DCs are looking for shortcuts to leadership and excellence online as well as offline. You can look, and spend a pretty penny looking, however, you won’t find them. Others say: “I don’t want to stand for anything, just show me how to have a bigger practice.”

They are missing the point of being different, distinct, a leader, someone who stands before patients in truth, and someone who can be trusted, and that won’t put profit before people.

TNR attracts and identifies leaders who have inner strength, a deep love for humanity and are willing to do whatever it takes to make this a reality. This does not imply violence, treachery or manipulation…it implies truth and a higher consciousness.


If we turn our thoughts to South Africa and the apartheid, we think of Nelson Mandela, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. When the Archbishop was talking to the Dalai Lama he said: “In our country, we speak of something called Ubuntu…this person has what it takes to be a human being.”  This is a person who recognizes that he exists only because others exist; my humanity is caught up in your humanity.

Will you continue to promulgate the type of practice you were taught in Chiropractic College? Will you serve humanity with a far superior consciousness that includes all members of society? Or will you just cater to the insurance card-wielding adult, with low back and neck pain? Do you have the inner strength to go against society’s beliefs of disease, or will you uphold the current consciousness of social acceptance of disease and limitation?

Healthier people create a healthier planet. Societies can be measured by how they value the next generation. There is a lot more to Chiropractic than adult pain relief. Do you have the Ubuntu to help children, difficult cases, and people who have fallen through the proverbial cracks?

The Ubuntu way is what Millennials and Gen X’s are looking for, inside or outside of insurance.