Take a stand or watch your practice fall

“People tell us from the time we are born that the world is such and such and so and so, and naturally we have no choice but to accept that the world is the way people have been telling us it is” –The Wheel of Time by Carlos Casteneda

Too many times as DCs we agree with patients that have little or no respect for us, or what we do. They know as much about Chiropractic or health as a pet dog. Patients that don’t listen to our recommendations, drop out of care, personal injury, and workers comp lawyers try to convince us of our lack of value.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

How about the patient that talks to you over and over about how sick their kid is and when you offer to evaluate and help their child, they roll their eyes as if to say, “what could you do about it?”

When it comes to insurance coverage, patients sure can be slippery. The never ending, exhaustive trail of redundant paperwork to chase down ‘phantom benefits’, letters begging for a few mortgage sized deductibles, co-pays, the patients look at us as if we’re a part of a conspiracy against them.

We know what the truth is, people who take responsibility for their health get better results!

No more Mr. Nice Guy

As the world becomes more and more interested in instant gratification, many patients think a chronic problem should be resolved in a couple of visits.

As crazy as that sounds: it’s where the patient is coming from.

Don’t get mad at people, this type of ‘reasoning’ or ‘thinking’ is in all arenas of health, dentistry, fitness, relationships, kids at risk, alcohol and drug dependency, etc. Everyone thinks there is a quick, convenient, and inexpensive solution via technology…when there really isn’t.

As a DC, you have 2 choices, let others tell you what to be and what to do or stick to your guns and NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!

Too many people pleasers and low confrontation DCs allow patients to push them around continually. Not only do their results suffer but income, referrals, retention, etc. does as well. It also makes you lose your mojo and zaps the fun out of practice.

Too many times in life we allow others in authority to tell us what role we should play and it’s never about being authentic. You can feel the guilt, the shame, and the playing small when we allow this thinking to invade our lives.

The sacred practice of Chiropractic gets relegated to being ‘just a job’ or a way to make income.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

If you allow your patients to walk all over you, something inside of you dies. You begin to not speak boldly about Chiropractic. You lower your expectations and stop living for a cause bigger than yourself.

The mystery and adventure in your life fades and boredom and relationship strain creeps into your life.

No more Mr. Nice Guy isn’t about being angry with patients, it means having compassion for each and every one of them. You can disagree with their opinion on what they think needs to be done without making them wrong. Remember, you are the doctor, the one with the training. You can’t blame the patient; they are seeking the fastest, most convenient way out of their predicament.

Like a parent, when you are Mr. Nice Guy patients will think that they ‘pulled one over on you’. When in reality, they continue to live their lives in poor health only understanding disease with all of its limitations.

Don’t attempt to convince or prove Chiropractic to people. Attract patients who are looking for a reliable source for help, not expecting something to happen over night.

Make a stand or take a fall.