What is your favorite bill to pay?


You need to upgrade your EHR or billing software. Your CA wants (deserves) a raise. 3rd party is asking for more paperwork and is reimbursing at historic lows, patients are getting less and less loyal almost to the point you feel like you’re herding cats sometimes. Your spouse needs some expensive dental work. Two of your kids are going to need braces. That ‘minor’ fender bender you had will cost you $1,000 out of pocket, do the expenses ever stop?

 It seems like everybody is getting ahead except you!

It’s no secret that a lot of DCs are out of fair exchange. No, they aren’t on the street or homeless, but they’re just getting by or paying bills…all of those years of school, work, and effort to become a DC, just to pay bills?

Many live a nice lifestyle from the outside, but their debt is staggering with no end in sight… unless you believe in the lottery fairy.

The New Renaissance style coaching does not appeal to the majority of DCs. Our way of thinking is that it’s not okay to just be getting by, playing small, and paying bills. There is a whole new lifestyle awaiting you, be the best you can be and help a lot more people.

You deserve to earn a much higher income as a result of helping people nobody else can!

As a result of reaching higher, you get to be in a position to help your family. You would have the ability to send your child to private schools if you choose, to take luxury vacations, own a second home, or just finally do those much-needed home improvements!

As Millennial and Gen X’s become older, private schooling has never been more popular. Why? Parents want to give their children the best opportunity to thrive in a challenging job market and complicated world.

If your child has a special need or a special gift, it’s going to take a specialized environment, resources, and teachers to bring that gift out.

Just look at how popular SAT prep centers are. Places like Kaplan and Kumon are in most areas and are packed with students who want high scores on their exams.

Being in the position to ‘write a check’ instead of adding to the mountain of debt is much more fun, but it doesn’t come about by just hoping or wishing your income increases.

If you are a DC who is interested in earning 3,5,10x your present income, YOU need to start the conversation now.

You’ll be glad you did!