Ch-ch-check yourself before you wreck yourself


In every field of human endeavor, this one thing lurks just beneath the surface. When you have a problem, an inability, or a challenge; instead of surmounting it, you resign yourself to it.  “I can’t” is what goes through your head.  No other thoughts whatsoever go into the permanent solution. Instead, we mindlessly meander through the popular and convenient online ‘solutions’ that seductively promise the end of all your misery.

 Beneath your problems of new patients, retention, collections, insurance hassles, “can’t see anyone besides adults”, and short-term care pain relief is: PRIDE!  Pride is the factor that actually holds on to the problem. This hinders you from releasing it and concentrating on the solution.

Pride sabotages you anytime you feel overwhelmed or too small to handle the problem.

“People in my town don’t want wellness.  Parents won’t bring in their kids.  People will never pay outside of insurance coverage”, these are the things you keep telling yourself.

The human mind is hardwired to accept all the things it thinks it can’t do.  From running a four-minute mile to having the practice of your dreams your inner critic dismisses these ‘tall orders’ and says to you to GET REAL!  …and then it sends in its brass-knuckled enforcer…PRIDE.

As a coach, my biggest challenge is to move past pride to ‘what if’?  Once a person pre-pays, it opens the floodgates to others who will follow suit.  Patients will stay in your office above and beyond pain relief and soon others will follow.

Pride creates such havoc in our personal lives as well as in the world.  From relationships to divorce, even to war, it’s all about pride.  Once it rears its ugly head, it’s very hard to turn it off.

When you are that special person, that ‘go to’ person in a DCs life, miracles start to unfold because, for the first time, pride is challenged.  Instead of running roughshod all over you like it usually does, now there is a voice of reason to move you past this limiting belief towards the things you really want in life and in practice.

Earning 3, 5,10x your present income is not smoke and mirrors, it’s about being guided past your pride which severely limits your abilities.

Let’s jump on a video conference together and allow me to show you what your practice and life will look like with less pride in it.