Is resentment brewing like your morning coffee?

The quality of new patients is down, overall numbers are down, resentment is brewing, and the kids and difficult cases are moving towards adult pain relief only. Frustration is high, the fun and adventure of practice aren’t what it used to be.

What’s up?

Once you have experienced live New Renaissance coaching, there will be someone in your corner who won’t let you take shortcuts or hide your true talents.  Someone who will demand your best effort (always!) and make you become a once in a lifetime DC rather than just a face in the crowd.

Remember that coach on a team or teacher that saw something special in you and they watched over you like a hawk? While you were going through it, it was probably difficult but without them, you would have never reached that level of achievement.

You look back favorably on the experience and it stays with you for a lifetime. It wasn’t always easy, but there were adventure and excitement in your life. You were a part of something that mattered to you that was bigger than just yourself. You were a part of a team, a team that was striving to serve people you couldn’t reach before.

Not only was your practice a lot better, other things in your life improved as well like vacations, marriage, kids, and you had a lot more certainty in your life.

The New Renaissance is a lot like that. Lots of skin in the game required but the exchange is results that are unfathomable for the rest of your career.

We know you’re an adult and want to call your own shots but in reality, we all need someone who is a trusted authority to hold us accountable. This person is able to say no when you’re about to step on a landmine.

Your spouse doesn’t know.  Your parents don’t know and your kids are clueless to the fact that you’re coasting.  You know your practice and your life are on autopilot.

You’re doing okay, but you could be doing a whole lot better.

When attending sports activities of kids, you are there physically, but you are on your phone and your mind is a million miles away.

You’re worried about your practice, new compliance and insurance guidelines, your debt, your bloated overhead, the constant life-sapping of keeping of administrative and insurance records.

There must be a better way and there is.

Right now is the time to reclaim the best version of you, simply call or click The New Renaissance. We’ll jump on a video conference or phone call and let me understand what you are attempting to accomplish.

Help is always here.