Why don’t school buses have safety belts…

…yet the driver of the bus does.  A thing called paradigm blindness has an effect on every human endeavor. It’s unseen and regardless of right or wrong, it’s what has been done in the past. People accept it without question even though it’s not real.  

Paradigm blindness is fueled by pride and even when it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t benefit anybody, it won’t be abandoned.  From racism to war, paying people to be sick, inequality, oppression, once a paradigm has been forged, it’s hard to dismantle.  To paraphrase Einstein who famously said: “the people who created the mess cannot clean the mess up.”

In our world of Chiropractic, people who don’t understand us will clump us into what they think we should be. They’ll use a variety of techniques to do this including (but not limited to) body language, negotiation, aggression, aggravation, and try to overwhelm you to get what they want.

If you choose to be a face in the crowd DC, then this will play out every day in your office.

But if you want a practice the way YOU choose, you can’t be a victim of paradigm blindness. In other words, people outside of your office don’t know who you are and what you stand for.

You have to communicate and educate them about what Chiropractic is in your office.

You’re not like ‘all other DCs’.

In other words, this bus has safety belts for children.

When you refuse to be a victim of paradigm blindness, you can make recommendations outside of insurance coverage and deductibles.

You don’t have to adjust on the first visit with chronic cases.

You can be sure that many people will willingly participate in your office inside or outside of insurance.

Your office becomes a stellar example of being unique, not part of the medical system where profit is routinely put before people’s need.

People recognize your office as different and want to participate instead of having to be convinced, closed, and sold to.

Instead of fighting against prevailing Below the Line paradigms, create your own Above the Line paradigm and welcome a lot of patients to discover the difference.

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