An Update on This Year’s Christmas on the Reservation Progress

For those of you that may be less familiar with TNR, Love Has No Color is our World Project that aims to bring hope, health, and pride to the Fort Peck and Spirit Lake Native American Reservations in Montana and North Dakota, respectively. In communities overrun by crime, alcoholism, drugs, suicide (mostly children), obesity, and much much more, Chiropractic can be the only answer. With multiple visits each year, TNR is bringing the solutions these Natives have been dreaming of.
First and foremost, we want to take this time to thank all of you for your participation in this year’s Christmas on the Reservation gift drive. Every individual community is what keeps this program and Love Has No Color alive and growing.
While you have all have been assigned a particular reservation as well as gifts to collect, we wanted to share that this year’s most needed items are thermal bibs (snow suits) for children up to 3rd grade, and basketballs. Basketball is extremely popular at Spirit Lake!
Did you get a chance to see Dr. Caroline von Fluegge’s poster that she had made for her office?
Check it out! You rock, Dr. Caroline!
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All of you have been doing such a wonderful job, and your calls and emails in regards to the project have been so positive and uplifting. Just today, we had a phone call from a DC who said that some of his patients like to knit and sew, and wondered if they could donate hand-made winter necessities such as mittens, scarves and hats. (We said yes, of course!)

Another call came in a couple of weeks ago, a DC’s wife, with a question, and we found out that she had been working with students from her classroom in collaboration with students on Fort Peck for a few years. It is so amazing to see the relationships that have been established and carried on from this gift drive!
Thank you to those of you collecting gifts, as well as those who donate on a regular basis. You are the heart and soul of this project.
TNR and LHNC would love to feature your office’s gift drive on our websites and Facebook pages…they may even end up in our weekly TNR Happenings or the Contrarian Outlook monthly newsletter! Send us updates and pictures to and be on the look out for upcoming posts!

Be sure to like our Love Has No Color Facebook page to stay up to date with the gift drive.

Please note that the addressee’s name for Spirit Lake has changed. It is now:
Brenda Robertson
Senior Planner, Spirit Lake
421 Second Avenue North
Fort Totten, ND 58335
Thank you again for your continued support,
The New Renaissance and Love Has No Color