We said it once, we’ll say it AGAIN!

It’s been drilled into your head from Chiropractic College that new patients are where it’s at. Whether you’ve been in practice a year or 15 years, have you noticed that some patients don’t fir in your office? You bend over backwards, spend excessive amounts of time with them, and compromise and relax your office procedures. Then the predictable happens, you can’t satisfy their expectations and you’re left with another unsatisfied patient.

They are not happy with their care, and you are not happy with their non-compliance.  This stalemate goes on every day in thousands of DCs offices!

Where is it written that you must appeal to all people? If you’ve read this blog before, you know about the Sweet Spot. There are people who fit and those who will create strain and frustration in your office.

Ask your CAs, they know exactly what I’m talking about.

I explain it to DCs this way; imagine you are a filter protecting the carburetor on your car. You protect the car from harmful particles that cause extensive engine damage. The filter can only handle so many particles going through. It doesn’t let all of them into the system because of the consequences.

This is similar to when you allow patients who are outside of the Sweet Spot into your office. You’re not mad that they don’t fit but you can’t allow every new patient in because of the consequences.

No exceptions or you will be sorry!

We see this in pro-sports how the prima donna doesn’t have to practice like the rest of the team. They’re late for team meetings and gets spared disciplinary action because of who they are. It creates a cancer in the locker room. The good of the team is sacrificed to let this individual be treated differently.

How about the dreamers, the ones that think a problem that has taken years to develop should be fixed in a few visits. Or that you should follow disease insurance guidelines. Then you have the time practice members who want extra time and effort in exchange for short-term participation.

In 2019 remember that the new patients you make exceptions for will spread a toxic reaction in your office. Your great practice members will wonder why you’re jumping through hoops for them. The complying patients will wonder why you’re out of integrity with them.

Many unwitting DCs ask me the solution to these types of patients. There is none. Stop looking for one. Even if there was, you would just be attracting more resistive patients that muck up your practice.

Surround yourself with people who love you, what you stand for, and want the results that come with high levels of commitment. Health doesn’t care if you are wealthy or poor. Disease plays no favorites.

Give up for 2019 attempting to be all things to all people and concentrate on people that enjoy you and you enjoy serving. A perfect win-win scenario!