Parenting and your office, they’re the same.

There is no substitute for quality parenting. However, in this world many kids slip through the cracks and are parented by the state. The states do the best they can to feed, clothe, and house the kids but it’s not always the best. There is a contractual obligation that isn’t present in true parenting. How does that apply to your office?

Having coached many DCs who have personally been a part of the foster care system, there is a familiar theme. They are thankful for the upbringing they received, since they wouldn’t have survived without it, it wasn’t ideal.

This was not the best effort society could offer them.

In our offices are we metaphorically, feeding, clothing, and putting a roof over our patient’s head or truly forming a family? Are we creating an environment for health for life or care only until you are 18 and symptoms lessen? Is it a family where the best interests are put first or do other factors intervene and effect how you treat patients, including children?

Do you continue to obey insurance mandates even though you know they will not serve the patient?

When a child is in the foster system and reaches 18, they are no longer taken care of, but the task of parenting is far from over. According to dogma and funding issues, these children don’t need care any longer. Says who? As a quality parent, our job doesn’t end when our kids are 18. Parenting continues for our entire lives. This can be related to your office. Do you dutifully take care of patients until their insurance runs out and release them into the streets or do we nurture them for a lifetime?

Get with the program and offer wellness above and beyond what insurance will pay for

Statistics of foster children, the rule and not the exception, says they are less educated than non-system children. In our offices, do we stick just to the symptoms or do we educate our patients about health for life? As a parent, our goal is to equip our kids for a life with and without us. The bare essential of pain care is not an adequate way to live when there is an opportunity to be healthy.

Get back to educating your patients about Chiropractic

With kids in the foster care system, they usually don’t form lasting relationships with their foster parents. They are treated differently because of the system they were forced into. Are our relationships with patients foster based or a higher level of parenting? Is it pain relief based or wellness based? One form of care is okay while the other treats patients like children of God. Are you caring for them for a short time or with for as long as they want you to be? Don’t be just a good enough DC, it stands in front of your greatness and being a humanitarian.

In your heart of hearts you know you can offer a higher level of service in your office

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