Are you going to watch the parade go by?

To exponentially help more people in 2019, you must move out of your head. Move away from the intellectual and analytical and into your hearts and hands. Get away from the mindset of what can’t be done to what can be done.

Many DCs have technique, research, insurance guidelines, ERH, the opinions of others stuck in their heads. They care about what people think about Chiropractic and what they’re willing to pay for. This has made them lose compassion for a person who has a serious illness.

Without an upgrade in your mindset, 2019 will be a rehash of 2018.

Your mindset and outlook on each and every person under your care sets the bar. Every detail in their care is re-evaluated and should be looked at as a shared interest between the doctor and patient.

Your intent is serving people and allowing them to experience the full benefits of Chiropractic care, not 6-8 visits of adult pain relief.

Your intent is not about setting out to earn more money selling and marketing other people’s suffering. It’s about upgrading what’s between their ears. The 3, 5, 10x the income of a TNR trained DC is an effect of serving people in need.

It’s not semantics, it’s a universal principle. This is a win-win for patient and doctor.

The humanitarian model is the mindset that will lead you to personal bests. The outdated business model that places profit before people won’t.

Like a parade, the only question for you is…are you going to join the parade or watch it pass you by in 2019?