“I just NEED one more new patient!!”

All DCs want to help people. The real problem is working in an outdated model of practice that invisibly enslaves you. This model welcomes in patients that will never be satisfied, are demanding, resistive, and have no loyalty to you.

Many DCs have the same lament: I need more new patients. But the next one that walks into your office will be just like all of the other ones that have preceded them.

Not only are they unappreciative of your care, you’re stuck with the paperwork, insurance hassle, liability, and worry, long after they’ve gone.

Pain relief is fine as far as it goes but it’s not health by a long shot. All the pain relief in the world will not change the paradigm of health.

The disease model proclaims if you are symptom free, you are healthy.

It’s 2019, it’s time to wake up and seize your freedom to practice the way of your choosing!

When you have a complete system in place, one that emphasizes care beyond pain relief, each new patient that walks through your door is worth 3, 5, 10x the patient going down the to the DC down the street.

Millennials, Gen Xs, and even iGen parents are demanding doctors to step up when it comes to the health and well being of themselves and their children.

Kid’s issues are not the same as adults.  Kids, for the most part, don’t suffer from chronic pain. Rather, as a result of compromise of their nerve systems, they have personality, behavior, emotional, learning, and immune system dysfunction.

Chiropractic isn’t about how chaos you can stand. It isn’t about how many demanding, resistive, and commitment disabled people you can see. Chiropractic should be an adventure; it should be fun for both the doctor and the practice member.

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