Who’s ready for some karaoke?

You just love crashing the karaoke bar with your incredible voice. To you, it’s effortless…like singing in the shower. Many people say you’re just as good as a real singer and you should head to Nashville. You’ve considered auditioning for American Idol, The Voice, and a few others. You’ve got the voice so what’s really holding you back? There’s always that lingering doubt, are you really that good?

If there is a secret in Chiropractic, it’s the wide ability gap between DCs. After all, we all have the same degree right? To the uninitiated all DCs are the same.

But are they really?

Some DCs seem to get results other can only dream of. They see autism cases, concussions, depression, anxiety, asthma, seizures, and more. While other DCs only accept adult back and neck pain. It’s a safer way to practice and like karaoke, it gives the people what they want.

You don’t step far out of your comfort zone and your economics reflect this.

What if you wanted to be more than just a pain relief DC? A doctor that doesn’t flinch when the difficult cases come knocking on the door. Don’t all DCs have this capability?

Reading this, you already know the answer.

The thing that stops karaoke singers cold is the commitment it actually takes to become a performer, not an imitator. You won’t sing other people’s music but write your own. You’ll have to give up your day job, hit the road, and put it all on the line.

It’s the commitment to the music, not a warmed over Honda in a leather jacket.

There are more DCs with a thirst to become a real singer, but there’s so much chatter and confusion online and offline.

Seminars and online ads boast of conferring this ability on you. People are looking for easy buttons, academic presentations, and PowerPoint presentation but these can’t do the job.

Not so fast, where is the experiential component and under whose watchful eye are you?

My coaching is all about developing these dormant abilities and parlaying them into a practice that brings purpose and passion back into your life. It’s about pushing you outside of your comfort zone and making it fun.

Did I mention as a result of this each new patient that walks into your office is worth 3, 5,10x that exact same patient walking into the door of the DC down the street?

That’s true economic advantage inside or outside of insurance.

Karaoke is as good as it goes for the laughs and the moment of truth; can this person sing or not? But it’s not the real deal because you don’t train for it.

If you’re looking to upgrade your practice in 2019, contact me.