What did you hear from the top of the stairs?

There you were, perhaps eight or nine and have been tucked into bed for the night. Like most kids, you probably snuck out of bed to play video games or call one of your friends. But after a while that gets old. Sometime you’d find yourself at the top of the stairs eavesdropping on your parent’s conversations below.

When you listened in on these adult conversations, did you ever hear your parents fighting? Were you exposed to the mixed emotional messages about money? Did your parents treat each other with respect or was the evening the time to have at each other verbally, emotionally, or even physically? For over a decade at TNR high-level seminars, we have discussed these major blockages to be ultra-successful. They can have a profound effect on you, even decades later.

Parent’s own limiting beliefs and frustrations can be put onto their children and stay with them forever. In TNR, we call this way of thinking as Below the Line. Some examples of this Below the Line thinking is, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “I gave you the best years of my life”, “we can never catch a break”, or “If it weren’t for the kids, I would have left you years ago!”

So many people are completely unaware of their success programming or the lack of it. They view success as capricious or some type of luck that you either have or you don’t.

They don’t realize that everything they will ever attempt to do is linked to these emotionally charged beliefs.

These limiting beliefs dissuade DCs from taking risks and steer them to low incomes and hostages to be associates or employees at a franchise. Even though this may not be what they want, there is déjà vu to it, an eerie familiarity that overrides the logical mind.

With the help of TNR, we can get you to overcome this Below the Line thinking. We’ll give you the tools to become an ultra-successful DC, and believe in yourself and know you deserve this success! The New Year is approaching, isn’t it time for a ‘new’ you? If you’re ready to start your journey, click here to schedule a FREE consultation.