Do you feel welcomed, supported, and recognized?

A peculiar phenomenon happens in Chiropractic College…DCs eat their young. They tend to cripple the next generation. It’s not because of lousy teaching or bad curriculum but because they don’t care enough to take the next generation under their wings.

When someone you trust fails to take you under their wing, you develop a sense of abandonment. Your self-worth and confidence plummet and you try to figure it out on your own. Or start on the path of self-pity of just getting by, paying the bills, and enduring the agony of not being recognized.

It’s tough enough when abandonment comes from parents and now professors too? It’s like déjà vu; the feeling is unwanted yet familiar.

Failure to thrive is recognized in babies but is all but ignored in adults. Both adults and babies need the same thing…LOVE! They need to be welcomed, supported, and recognized as worthwhile of someone’s time and attention.

Many people in our profession struggle in isolation. It’s not because of a lack of talent or ambition but because at a deep subconscious level, they don’t feel worthy of being successful.

A lot of people have tried to find this connection using online sources that just teach the ways of selling people, closing, marketing, and BSOs. They lack the personal touch of a person who has a shared interest in your success.

If you want 2020 to be your best year ever, you are going to have to trust someone to guide you to ultra-success. Going at it alone will ensure you stay in the same place.

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