What are you procrastinating in 2020?

You mean well but with your schedule, family demands, and office obligations it’s never going to get done. Back in the day one of my kids wanted this cool stingray bike and kept hounding me to buy it for him. I thought if I kept saying later he’d just forget about it.  He didn’t. Finally one day he shouted later means never!

Here’s what procrastination and stalling sound like:

When a practice member leaves your report of findings and says they are going to go home to talk it over with their spouse…what do they really mean? They are putting off making a decision.

When you awkwardly run into an old flame, a high school or college friend and have a chit chat and leave it off with saying you must get together…what do they really mean? Nice to see you and have a good life.

When you’re on an airplane next to a chatty Cathy and she talks your head off like you are long lost best friends. Then the plane lands, you get your luggage, and never see them again…what does that really mean? Thanks for killing some time for me!

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