Say goodbye to all of your patients!

The time-honored way of growing in Chiropractic has been to plow through new patients and get them through whatever vehicle is popular. From Yellow Pages and newspaper ads, direct mail to now social media and marketing campaigns. All are effective to a degree but all share the same weakness…NO RETENTION! It’s so inefficient and expensive.

Having a patient visit average of only a handful of visits is an invitation to have a huge overhead, a stressful office, and practice members will tell you what to do.

When you have patient retention, both the practice member and doctor cooperate to keep that person healthy. If you are constantly going through people, they’re always looking to abandon ship. How stressful!!

The old way of doing things is like being a personal trainer who only helps people lose weight not keep it off. The client gains it back and then has to lose it yet again. Health is too sacred to be treated like a commodity. You have a responsibility to offer wellness to your people.

With retention, they want to be there, they will refer, and your economics will soar.

In 2020 if you don’t emphasize retention, you will pay the consequences. It’s not only the smart thing to do; it’s the right thing to do! To set up a FREE consultation, click here. It’s time to have the practice of your dreams.