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The HUGE mistake we make in our practices is thinking we don’t have a choice. We say to ourselves, “I’m stuck and there’s no hope. There’s no way out of debt and my circumstances.”

Then it really sinks in. Somewhere along the road, we decide to just endure, put our heads down, our tail between our legs and put up with a practice that isn’t giving back.

People around us think we are the cat’s meow. Everything looks good from the outside, you’re a successful DC and helping a ton of people. They don’t know your dirty little secret, you’re doing things that lack integrity. This includes, but isn’t limited to, special insurance coding, withholding care from those who aren’t insurance, agreeing to insensible and fictitious insurance recommendations in an effort to get paid, and then defending this arrangement and allowing it to dictate your income.

Your monthly earnings may seem impressive but after the overhead, CA salary, taxes, debt (house, credit card, school loans, etc.) the reality is there is barely any left.

We’re offering 30 days of free coaching with me.

This is a way to encourage you to see what’s out there and that you have a CHOICE to practice the way of your choosing.

What would your life look like earning $10,000 or $15,000 or more a month?  Maybe that new house for your growing family or finally being able to go on more than just a ‘staycation’, say hello to luxury getaways and vacation!

I’m not looking for just any DC, rather DCs who have always known they have untapped potential within and are willing to accept guidance to realize this.

Click here or call to set up your free consultation to begin your journey! This is your year to have the practice of your dreams.