What is your chiropractic truth?

Do you defend truth?What is your truth?

In a world that’s obsessed with looking good, instead of actually being good, appearance is so much more important than essence. Who you are takes a backseat to who you know and celebrity is more valued than credibility or capability. One thing that doesn’t change, or at least shouldn’t is: where you stand when it comes to the truth. With so many mediums of communication available today, person-to-person communication is getting more and more rare. Why wait to be face-to-face when you can text, message, or even Snapchat? Your office’s web page can be seen by thousands, and yet not one of them knows about true health.

Chiropractic and the truth are so easily separated. You see this in DCs offices all the time; they have teeth whitening, weight loss, physical modalities, and decompression, but they still adjust for subluxations. I thought I had seen it all, until one of the largest subluxation-based practitioners on the planet showed me an invitation to a bra fitting seminar at a DC’s office. “Change your bra and you will change your life,” the invitation promised. What class in Chiropractic school did she learn that in? Where in the Green Books does it talk about bras changing your life? Just when you think Chiropractic can’t get watered down any more, it gets further diluted.

The number of DCs who are seeing large numbers of children is slipping dramatically. It’s not that DCs don’t care about kids, quite the opposite! Many DCs adjust their own children, but of those, how many do you think always have kids in their waiting room? Not many, and that’s because it requires too much effort to educate people as to why children, first and foremost, need to be under regular Chiropractic care. It’s inconvenient to have a Health Awareness Seminar or New Patient Orientation every week. Honestly, who has time for it?

Those of you who graduated from one of the subluxation-based colleges probably were taught that VSC begins intrauterine and continues for a lifetime. That’s your truth. However, do you stand up for it, or do you back down when someone laughs at your beliefs? How could you learn one way and then practice something completely different? That’s a little something called ‘pussification’. It’s easy to stand for anything that creates temporary, meager income, but unfortunately, short-term solutions always create long-term problems. Like a loss of identity for a profession.

I often hear DCs ask, “What would my practice look like if I told people the truth and had no attachment to their reaction?” That’s easy: you would attract the kind of practice members who you always dreamed of. They don’t negotiate with you, they’re happy to pay you inside or outside of insurance, they talk you up and refer people just like themselves on a continual basis.

If you get nothing else from this, take this one home: higher caliber people are attracted to the truth, regardless of their economic situation. They welcome and embrace concepts like how Chiropractic can help themselves and their families. Because they are attracted to truth, they know when you stand before them in truth. They know that truth, many times, is found outside the box. Traditional methods of health have failed many. They are looking for DCs with the integrity and communication skills to show them the path to health.